Deeper Meaning of Getting Rear Ended

Image by Lechon Kirb

A questioner contacted me after getting rear-ended a 3rd time in 2 months.

What is the universe trying to tell me? she asked.

Your car represents your life. So when you’re moving this represents your way of moving forward in life. Your approach.

I like to look up meanings from other websites to see if something fits. But none of the explanations made sense to me.

So I started working it out myself.

Years ago, before I knew anything about guidance from the universe, I rear ended someone on the highway. I was going a little too fast when I came upon stopped traffic. It was a minor fender bender.

I was also going too fast in life. I had just met a man (my husband now) months earlier, moved in with him, and learned I was pregnant. I wasn’t paying attention — and I got a gentle warning:

Slow it down little missy! ~my angels and guides

We’ve been married 28 years now — so it all worked out!

Now, after reflecting to my past, I applied this symbolism to the questioner— only reversed it. If I was moving too fast, she must be moving too slowly. This was confirmed by my guides.

Where are you moving too slowly? I asked.

And she answered that a couple of areas in her life were moving too slowly for her comfort.

Yet, this wasn’t it. It’s common for us to try to control things outside by strategizing how to change other people and situations.

But what needed to change — what the questioner needed to move more quickly on, was inner work.

Everything is inside out, I reminded her.

She could change her outer circumstances by aligning her inner mind with the divine mind. Another way to put this is that you are aligning with your inner Christ consciousness — your Christed self.

That’s not a religious statement, it’s a term meaning to align mind, body and spirit.

She was not acting on the guidance that she was being given through her intuition (her inner promptings) and messages in the physical.

She had been guided to meditate, release the past, let go, spend time with animals (which brings her joy), to take classes that would help with creating a routine or ritual around these practices.

Practice was another key word that came up for her in a reading I did for her.

The power is not in the wanting. The power is in the allowing. ~Abraham Hicks

Here’s another important key for Lightworkers, Healers, Visionaries, the Purpose-Driven — whatever you may resonate with.

The universal energies, astrology, is part of the picture.

If you are able to follow guidance to stay on your path toward your highest good, you are aligned.

That means you are aligned with the Divine Order. You don’t need to understand astrology. If you keep up with weekly astrology updates, you’ll notice that when you are aligned with your highest self, you are automatically aligned with EVERYTHING. That includes planets and their movement.

Isn’t that exciting?!

(I highly recommend for weekly astrology updates — she’s positive and knowledgeable.)

Now I always remind everyone, signs are dynamic. They are different for each person and each situation. Never let someone tell you this thing always means that thing.

Yet, sometimes the symbolism is the same or similar as someone else’s translation.

So if you’ve gotten rear-ended, it’s possible you’re moving too slowly to keep up with your right path. Your guides are trying to help you.

Are you asleep at the wheel?

Beep. Beep. Wake up!

Hey! I’m Jenna Atkinson and I’m an intuitive. I do readings and teach how to notice and understand the signs of guidance you’re receiving.

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