Intelligence and Intuition Are Two Friends

Jenna Atkinson Intuitive Artist and Mentor

When I do a reading, one of the highest compliments I get is that the information is usable. Practical.

A recent client felt comforted that I’ve worked as a research professional in a major children’s hospital.

I understand the value of practicality and tact.

Once I had a nearly-free reading with a psychic in training. (I got some chips and dip, I believe.)

She said I wouldn’t be able to start a business because of the economy, along with other bizarre and unhelpful information.

The reading so frustrated me I went home and made some tea. Yes, I’m quite the rebel.

My teabag message summed it up:

Intelligence and intuition are two friends.

People make mistakes. I don’t want to knock psychics. But when you are dealing with people and their loved ones — their hopes and dreams….

Please use your intuition with intelligence.

My mission is to empower the awakening soul to realize their gifts. And I’m uniquely positioned to offer insightful information that lies beneath the surface.


I invested in B-School (business school) with life coach and marketing maven, Marie Forleo. Her training is of the highest integrity.

I trained with business coach Jenny Shih in a tighter group, learning back-end systems, the creation of coaching programs, sales and much more. My favorite concept she taught was her “give it all away” approach which is so freeing as a creator.

My speaking mentor is the impressive Alexia Vernon who teaches how to give a Ted-style talk.

My husband and I raised three children on mostly his income — as an independent entrepreneur. I know the ups and downs of the small business owner.

My Masters degree is in Special Education— those whose intelligence is focused differently. We are all gifted.

I’ve spent 10,000 hours studying how to, as the ancients say, Know Thyself.

So, when I speak to eager souls awakening to their purpose and ready to create a new life —I’m well prepared.


If you follow numerology, my birth “Day Number” is 29. I’m a highly-intuitive person.

In astrology, I’m a cancer — the most sensitive, nurturing “Mother to all”.

In Jungian speak, I’m the alchemist.

In the Myers-Briggs (MBTI) I’m an INFP.

In 2015, I experienced a quickening — accelerated spiritual growth — that led to increased intuition. I am guided daily by synchronicities from Spirit. I’ve tracked and documented these for two years solid.

I learned all the spiritual laws of the universe and have manifested abundance in my life on many levels — health, finances, travel, relationships.

So what I’m saying is …

I was born for this. I trained for this. I’m able to help.

Hi! I’m Jenna Atkinson and I’m an intuitive. I do readings and teach how to notice and understand the signs of guidance you’re receiving.

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