The Illusion of Authorship

Image by Paul Bence

Today I started reading There Are No Accidents by Robert H. Hopcke. It’s about my favorite topic — synchronicities.

The author had a dream in which he was trapped in a story that he was writing. This caused him to ask, What if what we experience as our life was indeed a work of fiction? How would we know? How could we know?

He makes the point that the only thing that would wake us up is when a confluence of coincidences happen to the point that: “We can see and feel a significance in the randomness.”

It is then that we realize that our life is a story and we are not the author.

This is an interesting way to put it.

He tells the stories of people who got what they needed, not what they wanted.

Yet in the end it was perfect.

Woman Overcomes Her Fear of Tarot and is Transformed

A woman was going to him for therapy. I love this story because it could be me.

She was raised in a traditional Christian church. So she had many prejudices based on what she was told to fear.

When she had a dream of specific images, the author explained that they were typical images on tarot cards — the empress, the emperor and the fool.

She balked and vowed never to set foot in a new age store to buy tarot cards — could you imagine?!

But again she dreamed, this time of 13 tarot cards laid out in a diamond.

13 is the number of death.

Her higher self in alignment with the Sacred, gave her a dream knowing she would discuss it with her therapist. Her therapist understood that the tarot is a deck of images that deal with the typical changes in human consciousness. You know — changes we all go through when we are trying to grow.

Even though she still couldn’t bring herself to be one of “those” people who played around with those “evil” cards, they came to her in a beautiful way.

It was her birthday, and her even-more-conservative-than-her husband bought her a deck of Tarot cards as a gift.

She was shocked and wondered if he’d been reading her journal or listening in on her therapy sessions. So she asked him. He said:

I just saw them in a window and thought, Hey those might help Bobbie. Happy Birthday!

She finally began to work with the Tarot . . . and her work with the imagery began a long period of spiritual and psychological growth that made her a far more creative and tolerant person than she had been.

She Now Has a Wider Appreciation

Though Bobbie’s dreams had been making clear for months where the plot of her particular story was going — namely, away from such an exclusive reliance on the religious imagery of her childhood to give her life meaning and toward a wider appreciation of the wisdom manifested in other forms of spirituality and religion — it took the random action of her husband’s gift, giving her something she hadn’t asked for, something she could not have even imagined getting from him, to dissolve her resistance.

When you are going through changes, there is always death. The death of something you once believed, but now understand was in error.

The Sacred, your creator, that which flows through all things seen and unseen, is the author.

Align with this flow and you will understand how loved you are. And you’ll be glad to give up the illusion of authorship.

Jenna Atkinson, Intuitive Mentor. I experienced an awakening and was guided to learn and then teach about the signs of guidance we receive from nature and our environment.

The point of following signs? To find your purpose, and to make good decisions vs bad ones.

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