Fighting morning dragons

Another morning page! More steps towards a new stage,
a new age for you, through you, within you,
the forces are beginning to brew
like a cosmic soul stew.
Witches MacBeth ain’t got shit on your morning breath,
or the depths to which you’ll flow, here we gooooo!

Okay but seriously, let’s take it down a notch.
You know you kinda botched your morning coffee.
Your buddy Jeremy K would probably say it’s a little bitter.
Still, you’re gonna use that caffeine fuel to deliver on this day,
following a night that made you shiver,
getting to hear your Asian bros deliver their shares.

Victor, Seibo, Richard, Luke, Maim Kim,
each emotionally sharing what’s going on with him,
each becoming true to what they wanna do,
by going out on a limb and telling others
what’s truly going on within.

The emotional courage to tell their stories is so inspiring,
the exploring and deep diving leads to me admiring
each man for their soul and connects us,
an Asian brotherhood of fulfilled and soulful men beckons to us.

I can’t wait to see what fate has in store for us.Trusting that we will liberate ourselves and see all along
that the mental chains that seemed so strong
are just constructs,
like weights upon us having us think they are ponderous,
onerous and real.
But now we have got the feel
that this steel is only as real as how we let it be.

Maybe instead we lift the weights like we’re at the gym,
treating challenge with relish and thank God
for getting to embellish our souls with hard-earned goals,
stories of fighting dragons to earn our treasure troves.

The gold of living a life well-lived is in our hands to give ourselves,
we need only decide that what enemies
are worthy of including in our story.

Who we decide to be is often just a reflection of
the demons we befriend, sacrifices we willingly make
and the choices we make while on the mend.

The end is always approaching,
do you want to feel that drop encroaching
or go an adventure unrelenting?

Choose to be the hero of your own story,
the protagonist that takes no nos in their quest
for living life at their best.
It’s not about glory, it’s about seeing inside
the hero that resides waiting for the right mission
to come out and and act with courage and conviction,
insight built up from a full-lived life
cutting through and blending all that makes you you
into a flaming sword that can fight off the hordes
that can crowd life.

Your victory is ensured,
it’s not in fighting off the system
but in realizing you were never the victim
if you decided not to be.

The story of your life is what you decide it to be.

Now go out, take those wagons on your Oregon Trail,
beat the river crossings and dysentery,
this ain’t some 8-bit computer game you’re playing,
ain’t no lame-ass broken axle killing your play session!

The lesson here: learn to steer whatever you got,
make and turn the plot,
take the cards given to you and bet big,
even if the flop doesn’t look so hot.
You’ve still got the turn and the river to deliver you through
whatever obstacles that seem too insurmountable right now.

Fall forward, have faith, you have more than you know
working through you. Be true.
The greatest resource you’ve got is the totality of you,
multi-faceted and ever-growing, always seeing
new futures in the waters of life.

So time to take the next step on this quest on your own behest.
Let’s see what dragon there is next to behead. 🐉 🔥 🗡



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Nick Hong

Eng Manager @ Medium. Life coach, amateur poet, kickboxer. Dancing through life.