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Don’t Miss Our Upcoming Live Interview With Polkastarter

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2 min readFeb 24


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In this edition, we are excited to announce that we will start a new series of live podcasts broadcasted via Twitter Spaces, where our host Szabi will regularly interview founders and CEOs from our portfolio companies.

Please participate in our first session on 📅 Tuesday, Feb 28, at 16.00 CET, with João Leite from Polkastarter.

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Twitter Spaces: Live Podcast With Polkastarter

Our Latest Initiatives

Every month we feature exciting projects and founders from our portfolio. This month, Gaby Dizon shares how he founded the successful Yield Guild Games in our Founder Stories series. In our Project Review, we dive deeper into the cool gaming project Cantina Royale. Click below to discover the articles:

🔬 Project Review: Cantina Royale, Action-Packed Blockchain Game Bridging The World Of Web2 And Web3 ➡️ here

📖 Founder Stories: Interview with Gabby Dizon, Co-founder Of Yield Guild Games ️➡️ ️here

Our Podcast Page is now LIVE!

We have recently launched a new Podcast section showing all our previous interviews with founders and CEOs. If you have missed some of our episodes in the past, then this is the place you can visit to tune into our exciting podcasts.

Here is the latest one, featuring Ganesh Swami (CEO at Covalent): ➡️ here

New Podcast Page:

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