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4 min readMar 26


Hello Community,

We’ve got some brilliant projects within our portfolio and want to tell you more about the founders and teams behind them. On a regular basis, you will have the opportunity to learn more about specific projects through our interviews and post any questions you may have further down in the comments section.

In today’s interview, we have Nick Rose — Founder of Ethernity. Let’s go!


1) Hi Nick, how is it going? Could you tell us a bit more about yourself and your background?

I’m the founder and CEO of Ethernity and Ethernal Labs. I’m really passionate about blockchain, gaming, collectibles, and technology. For the past few years, I have been dedicated to building innovative technology and bringing the best entertainment, sports, and gaming IP to web3. I’m sort of a nerd for crypto and gaming, but when I’m not at a computer screen I spend a lot of time in nature. I love rock climbing, paragliding, snowboarding and being out in the fresh air.

2) When did you enter the crypto space and build up your interest in NFTs?

I entered the crypto space in 2011 as an investor, researcher, and crypto advocate. Blockchain technology increases trust, security, transparency, and the traceability of data shared across a business network, it’s an advancement whose enormous changes to our world we are just barely starting to see, but to be really honest- above all I’m here to have fun. Whatever it is: games, collecting, art, I want to bring it to the blockchain and have fun with it. For example, I’m super into gaming and how digital assets (NFTs) can bring gaming experiences to the next level.

3) What is Ethernity Chain? What is your mission?

Ethernity is a premier authenticated NFT platform and marketplace specializing in bringing the world’s biggest brands and individuals onto the blockchain. We’ve worked with Leo Messi, Shaq, Bruce Lee, The DeLorean Motor Company, and many more to create artistic NFT collectibles with the world’s best NFT artists.

4) Besides Ethernity Chain, you also launched Ethernal Labs: please talk to us about that

Ethernal Labs is a first-of-its-kind incubator and technology studio leveraging the interactivity and utility of three web technologies and is creating an entirely new ecosystem of decentralized apps to bring the world’s largest brands, artists, and individuals to the blockchain. Ethernal Labs will act as a studio-like gateway in bringing notable figures and brands into the NFT and metaverse ecosystem through these applications. Ethernal Lab’s partners will be able to utilize two verified marketplaces for digital assets, including Ethernity, the world’s first authenticated NFT platform, exclusive real-world and virtual experiences, augmented reality offerings, avatar creation, metaverse integration, and P2E gaming.

5) How does the ERN token fit the whole picture, and what are your plans for it in the future?

Our native community token, ERN, acts as an access token to all of the products and collections that Ethernity and Ethernal Labs release. Using the ERN token, users can purchase NFTs from the world’s biggest brands and individuals, stake their tokens to redeem exclusive NFTs and real-world collectibles, and use the multiple DeFi applications on the Ethernity website. But that’s not all; as we roll out more products, ERN will be a critical access token for everything.

6) What has been your biggest lesson in building a crypto startup so far? Any specific advice you want to share?

This sounds crazy, but my biggest lesson was to learn to sleep! The first year of starting up Ethernity and during the Ethernal Labs launch the grind was so intense, I didn’t know the meaning of the weekends. I am so proud of how much we achieved, but at a certain point, I needed to get outside more and sleep in from time to time. In the long run, it’s all about sustainability, our hard work in the early days was crucial but now I make sure to keep a less intense schedule. We’re here to scale now, and that will unfold over the years and take real stamina. The grind is still the same, just currently more structured.

7) The good, the ugly, the truth: tell us an interesting story from your crypto journey!

A truth I’ve faced, an ugly or uncomfortable reality- is working long hours and coming up with something that is only good, like in a way that’s just adequate, boring, and forgettable. We will scrap the outcomes of hours and hours of work if we end up with anything slightly less than top quality. And that can be a tough moment. It’s especially tough to be the one who has to make that call and break the news to the rest of the team, but at times it is completely necessary. I have to say though, it’s so great to work with people — like the ones on the Ethernity team — who can handle that. Our team is made of people willing to make those hard decisions and keep the momentum going, and come up with something groundbreaking.

8) Anything else you would like to share with us?

I am so excited to share the launch of the Ethernity mobile app, and details for our first few drops — that’s really going to be a game changer but I can’t say anything too specific yet. More information about all of this is coming this month, so I’ll be able to showcase this all very soon. I can’t wait!

Thanks a lot for your time Nick and good luck with your project!

If you have any questions for Nick please use the comment section below.

The Morningstar Ventures Team