Project Review: BlockchainSpace

Morningstar Ventures
3 min readDec 7, 2021


Today we want to introduce a project that has recently joined our portfolio: BlockchainSpace,

BlockchainSpace is a financial hub for play-to-earn communities that provides guilds with tools and features to optimize and scale their business. It also has a native token called $GUILD that is key to the ecosystem of services and activities within the guild hub — such as access to guild management tools and as a utility token for inter-guild transactions and esports league tournaments. The boom of the metaverse projects has created new financial opportunities among digital natives, who can now play games for a living. Besides, individuals can play without upfront capital by joining guilds that lend in-game assets (NFT) in exchange for a percentage of their earnings. Generally, guilds have to deal with a vast virtual economy where keeping track of assets, cash flows, revenues, and expenditures becomes hard. In this context, BlockchainSpace has developed a toolset that guild operators can use to monitor performance and generate critical metrics to run their guilds more effectively and efficiently. You can think of BlockchainSpace as the high-performance infrastructure that facilitates transactions in the virtual economy.

Among the many interesting features that BlockchainSpace has, here we present the most important ones:

1) Customer Relation Management (CRM): guild managers can use this tool to track the performance of their guilds and observe in-game metrics related to each player. Specifically, the CRM is equipped with:

  • Player Applicant Onboarding & HR Dashboard;
  • Forecasting Tools;
  • Automated Cashout;
  • Guild Investment.

2) Guild Data Analytics: guild managers can leverage this analytics tool to generate in-depth game data and metrics among different guilds:

  • Industry benchmark across all play-to-earn games;
  • Guild data feeds for the ecosystem.

3) Guild Financial Bank: a platform that allows guilds and players to discover tailored financial solutions based on their track records and performance:

  • Guild Marketplace;
  • Automated credit scoring and credit issuance.

At the moment, investors have just a few ways to obtain financial exposure to play-to-earn projects. They can either buy metaverse-related tokens, such as $AXS (Axie infinity) and $MANA (Decentraland), or invest in guilds partaking in these ecosystems, such as $YGG (Yield Guild Games) and $MC (Merit Circle). BlockchainSpace is creating a new sub-sector by developing an infrastructure to support the metaverses and the guilds to push the play-to-earn sector further; hence its $GUILD token gives investors a new way to invest in this market.

“The rapid growth of metaverse is undoubtedly bringing new opportunities. Perhaps the $GUILD token can be seen acting not only as a transactional layer between all guilds globally but also as a new investment category involved with play-to-earn communities. We’re thrilled to take this chance to help the BlockchainSpace team to be successful in its mission,” states Danilo S. Carlucci, Chief Investment Officer of Morningstar Ventures.

Undoubtedly, the metaverse and play-to-earn ecosystems will continue to grow for a long time. As BlockchainSpace is a project designed to support both metaverses and guilds with its sophisticated infrastructure, it is clear that its path is toward continuous growth and success. At Morningstar Ventures, we are very excited to support this early-stage project and thus led the recent fundraising during the last strategic round. We can’t wait to see the BlockchainSpace team unveil their upcoming features and do not doubt that the team will deliver on their promise of building the best GAAS (guild-as-a-service) tool.

BlockchainSpace has announced an IDO Fair Launch for $GUILD on the 8th of December, 13:00 UTC, to the 11th of December, 13:00 UTC, through a Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (BLBP) on Copper Launch.

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