We Are Launching Our New Social Platform, The“EGLD Community”

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4 min readMar 24, 2022


We have been MultiversX community members (and #hodlers) for a long time and deeply care about the MultiversX ecosystem. Today we are announcing the launch of a product we have been working on behind the scenes for quite some time and will hopefully add much value to the MultiversX ecosystem.

Meet the “EGLD Community — a social platform to discover, learn, and discuss all things MultiversX!

We have been working hard to create a space to bring together Elrond community members who believe in Elrond. In the EGLD Community, everyone has a voice and can contribute, share ideas, connect and make a difference.

We invite everyone interested in Elrond to open an account (sign-up here), explore the platform, and become active members.

We have divided the platform into easy-to-use sections, each with a specific focus and functionalities.

On the home Feed, you will see social content from a list of curated Opinion Leaders from the Elrond Ecosystem, which you can follow/unfollow to your liking.

Homepage: https://egld.community/

Here you can find a curated list of projects from the Elrond ecosystem. You can also add projects you find particularly interesting to your “ Favorites “ list, which will be saved on your profile page. You can also suggest a project be added to the database by using the “Suggest a project” button placed on the page’s header.

Ecosystem: https://egld.community/ecosystem/

We have started gathering the most influential individuals from the Elrond community in this section. You can explore the members of the Elrond team, popular influencers, and project founders. Start following them to have their content added to your feed.

Opinion Leaders: https://egld.community/opinion-leaders/

This is a list of recent news from the Elrond ecosystem, set up for you to ensure you have not missed anything!

News: https://egld.community/news/

Explore a video library dedicated entirely to the Elrond ecosystem. We have divided the content into several categories to facilitate navigation: sit, back and enjoy!

Videos: https://egld.community/videos/

We plan to regularly set up AMAs (ask-me-anything) with our Opinion Leaders. Don’t miss the chance to submit your questions and engage in the sessions. You can also set reminders to receive a notification when the session goes live.

AMAs: https://egld.community/amas/

This section lets you initiate interesting discussions about Elrond-related subjects and engage with other users. You can also explore existing threads and contribute your opinion and ideas.

Discussions: https://egld.community/discussions/

We sincerely hope you enjoy the platform and will soon become a valuable member of the EGLD Community. We expect the platform to attract individuals who share the same support for Elrond we have at Morningstar Ventures. Elrond is here to stay, and Morningstar Ventures is here to support.

Don’t forget to share your feedback and suggest projects and opinion leaders to us.

The Morningstar Team

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