We are a web developer agency, offering a range of services from back-end architecture to front-end design.

Drupal CMS

We primarily work with the Drupal content management systems. We have over 10 years worth of experience in Drupal 6, 7 and 8.

Site Performance

Is your website running slow? Having difficulty serving thousands of users?

We have been involved with high-traffic web sites, among others a drop-shipping engine that had to import one million product datasheets per hour. Our performance assessment, optimization and tuning service covers Drupal, as well as Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (the LAMP stack). Additionally, we can help configure server-side caching systems such as Memcached. We also review the front-end and optimize CSS and JavaScript. As a result, your website will run faster with fewer CPU resources.

Web Development

We help clients develop a wide range of web platforms, from startups to corporate APIs. With over a decade of experience, we know how to build e-commerce front-ends, corporate blogs, advanced data tools, and more.

We’ve specialized in building multilingual and localized platforms for the European market. To achieve our clients’ goals, we deploy Drupal, PHP and Symfony. Drupal is a powerful content management system, supported by a mature network of developers worldwide. We can streamline Drupal to play nicely with big data tools, such as MongoDb, or faceted search, such as Apache Solr.

As a foundation for responsive websites that adapt to mobile, tablet and desktop computers, we prefer Twitter Bootstrap.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is no fraud. There exist real solutions for increasing traffic and sales. The key is to correctly format and structure your content.

Improving SEO step by step:

  • Frequent content additions and updates: use a CMS tool;
  • Well formatted code: W3C standards;
  • Accessible content: sitemaps, archives, categories;
  • Effectiveness: write content people want to read;
  • AdWords and otherwise.

Scalability and Growth

Scalability means how many users your site can handle. Scalability often comes at the expense of performance, especially when distributing a website over multiple servers. From our experience, it is much better to use a single, powerful server than to use multiple medium-sized servers.

For commercially interesting projects, we recommend setting up a ‘hot spare’. This means we duplicate the entire production system. In case of a primary system failure, this hot spare will kick in to serve your customers, while technicians step in to repair the production site. This is often the only way to guarantee 100% up-time. (Facebook, Amazon, Google have thousands of such redundant servers.) A cloud-based alternative, such as CloudFlare, offers a lower cost solution, but only for static pages, not for dynamic content.

Responsive Websites

Morningtime can help optimize any web project for mobile devices. Mobile technologies can generally be divided into four groups: Full HTML (e.g. desktop browsers on a phone, like the iPhone), Strict XHTML with restrictions (e.g. no javascript, or no flash), iMode (still used in Asia, not very successful in Europe) and WAP (the old standard for example used by Nokia 3310’s).

To build a mobile solution it is important to recognize a mobile device’s capabilities. It is important to target all these differences to serve the right kind of format. Several technologies can be used to achieve this. One way is the open standard WURFL, or directly localizing the mobile vendor’s device capabilities’ XML file.

Internationalization (i18n) and Localization (l10n)

One powerful feature of a website content management system is its core feature to publish websites along multiple domains, each with different front-ends. And each front-end may have multiple languages for different cultures.

The best CMS allows creation of all different front-ends from a single administration system. A system is required that allows different departments to work on different websites, reusing existing content. A central media and content store becomes an important feature!

Online cultures represent the combination of a nationality with a language. Belgium, for instance, speaks French and Dutch. These are two different web cultures (be_FR and be_NL).

Data Processing

Morningtime has a decade of experience in processing static data into dynamic applications. For example, we can turn all sorts of databases into interactive, searchable content made available online.

We can help design high-speed, in-memory solutions to handle millions of reads and writes per second. In the past, ‘Big Data’ had to be stored accross multiple servers, for example using data buckets, but as RAM memory has become increasingly more affordable, nowadays a single server may suffice.

Complex data requires powerful search and visualization tools. Morningtime has years of experience in setting up faceted search, using Apache Solr or ElasticSearch.

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