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The Financial Web

Why doesn’t the internet have a built-in financial protocol like FTP, the protocol for transferring files? Building finance into the web will be its biggest revolution since email. New innovations such as Bitcoin, the underlying blockchain technology and other decentralized value transfer protocols (VTP’s) have been around for nearly a decade, but have so far failed to win mainstream adoption. Are these technologies finally going to succeed, or will banking remain the exclusive domain of traditional banks.

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Developments in East Asia

China alone serves nearly one billion internet users, though mostly mobile. Integrated apps such as WeChat allow Chinese users to browse, buy and bank online. Chinese e-commerce titans already deliver their goods to European doors, at prices at which Amazon cannot compete. At the same time, the Great Firewall keeps Western competitors out. Yet China manages to innovate its services at a high pace, not just by copying Western developments, but by pursuing a long-term strategy of patiently eroding Western economic dominance.

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