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Company values are discovered, not decided. They are grounded in your company’s cultural DNA and inherited from your founders, not created in the brand makeover championed by your CMO every two years.

At Morph, we’ve discovered three overarching values that appear again and again:

  • Skin in the game with our companies
  • Meritocracy at the core of what we do
  • 25-year time scale

While these values might be an advantage for the company, that is not why we have them. …

“It’s very risky.”
“It’s the ultimate test of our founder thesis.”
“Yes. Let’s do it.”

It was early spring 2020, right before COVID-19 shut down travel, and we had just decided to invest in Jakob, Christopher, and Adam. Following the team from the sidelines, we had watched them launch a service for sharing highlights from e-sport-events. As they struggled to find sufficient traction, they shut down the project. …

Morph Capital

Founder focused VC

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