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A VeChain’s Cover— Introducing Morpheus Labs

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Posted on Jan 4, 2019. Written by Ben Yorke.


VeChain continues to strengthen their BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) offering by integrating into Morpheus Labs’ platform. Morpheus Labs is creating a portal for companies to employ enterprise-grade blockchain solutions without having to create them from the ground up.

This puts a number of powerful blockchain and dApp solutions in an easy-to-understand format so that companies without extensive blockchain knowledge can jump right in. The platform soft-launched in October of 2018.

CEO of Morpheus Labs — Mr Chuang Pei-Han

The Singapore-based project is run by Chuang Pei-Han, who has a background in Information Systems and Fintech. His impressive resume includes studying at the University of Melbourne and MIT Professional Fintech Course. In less than a year, the project had onboarded multiple blockchains, including VeChain, Quarkchain, NULS, and NEM. Having a variety of blockchains allows Morpheus Labs to offer clients a wide range of services. This flexibility will give Morpheus Labs an advantage over BPaaS competitors such as Azure, Blocko, and Kaleido.


The new year marks an exciting phase for Morpheus Labs as they fully transition from ICO concept to a full-stack Blockchain Platform and App Marketplace. This begins with an official launch event scheduled for January 25th in Singapore. At the event, a number of speakers will discuss the future of the project, which involves many exciting add-ons that go beyond what was originally announced in the roadmap. This includes a strategic plan to provide STO-as-a-Service, to help enterprises create security token offerings in addition to blockchain solutions. Services such as these allow Morpheus Labs to bring even more value to customers and platforms such as VeChain. Other exciting news is yet to come, including a potential rebrand to better bring awareness to the host of new services Morpheus Labs has to offer.

ICO and Token

Morpheus Labs completed their ICO in the spring of 2018, and their token (MITx) is now available on HitBTC, Liquid, and FCoin. When using the token within the Morpheus Labs’ ecosystem, the user can receive discounted services. Staking MITx is also required for developers hosting products and services in Morpheus Labs’ Application Library. Since many of their services are cross-chain, the token can be a valuable alternative to paying in fiat. It’s easy to see how a project like this will be adopted as it benefits both users, developers, enterprises, and blockchain platforms such as VeChain.

Partnering with VeChain

While the partnership with VeChain is far from exclusive, it is encouraging to see other projects focused on enterprise adoption electing to work with VeChain.

For VeChain, this represents another significant step towards being the top enterprise blockchain in the world. Morpheus Labs will be yet another tech company helping to drive clients and volume onto the VeChain blockchain. Morpheus Labs has a strong focus and understanding of Singapore and Southeast Asia, giving VeChain access to a very lucrative market.

Additionally, the services Morpheus Labs provides will allow international clients an even easier entry-point to blockchain solutions. VeChain can continue to focus on core technology, while companies like Morpheus Labs drive business development around the world. Morpheus Labs is an invaluable tool in the race against other BPaaS-providers to corner the market.

“Personally, I believe that the Morpheus Labs platform’s one-stop development tool is a time-saving feature and will definitely ease the developers’ load on project development and deployment. This is a positive attribute where the team can place their focus on other key areas of the project.”

VeChain CTO Gu Jianliang

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The Blockchain-Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS) for prototyping, deploying and operating Dapps at minimal cost and time. |

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Morpheus Labs Team

Morpheus Labs Team

The Blockchain-Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS) for prototyping, deploying and operating Dapps at minimal cost and time. |

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