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An Address to the Community on the Update Frequency of Morpheus Labs’ Github

Dear Community,

We noticed that some of our community members have asked about the update frequency of our GitHub. We understand the concern — many members of our community believe that GitHub updates directly link to the development progress of our project.

However, the nature of our blockchain solution is different from public blockchain projects — we are a “for profit” company that is generating revenues from clients and intends to bolster out token ecosystem with increased business activity. As such, we have decided that our codes will not be made publicly available, as this would affect our competitive advantage.

We would like to assure our community that our private platform repositories are being updated on a consistent basis, and there is a thorough due diligence progress followed for every partner that we work with.

Below are some of the statistics that we can share for our GitHub progress;

Morpheus Labs Blockchain Platform-as-a-Service GitHub Statistics Main Figures:

Total Lines of Code: 119911

Total Commits: 2141

Morpheus Labs Platform Front-End

Morpheus Labs Platform Back-End

Application Library Backend

Otherwise, you can also drop us a note via our Gitter.



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