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ML BPaaS Development Progress — May 2018

11th May 2018

Starting from this week, we will post monthly announcement on the platform development progress, and more frequently, we will share technical insights of the BPaaS design and our point of view on the latest blockchain technology innovation.

In this release, we will share key activities that we are currently focusing on.

Enterprise Grade Infrastructure

Morpheus Labs Blockchain-Platform as Services (ML BPaaS) is a cloud-based platform designed to offer full stack blockchain related services. The architecture strategy is to build a most secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure. The following are four BPaaS infrastructure design pillars we have in mind when setting up the infrastructure.

Cloud Technology and Container Orchestration Technology together

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been selected as secure and scalable cloud services platform to host the ML BPaaS.

We adopt a hybrid approach in designing the infrastructure for the ML BPaaS to best fit with the above four pillars.

  • Leverage on native AWS network, computing, storage, routing and scalability capabilities for dedicated platform components.
  • Leverage on Kubernetes on AWS for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications (microservices).

The AWS and Kubernets will facilitate the DevOps process for developers using our CDE.


The App Store in ML BPaaS is a crowdsourced marketplace to curate all blockchain-based applications and tools. It allows seekers to browse for ideas that suit their businesses and purchase ready-to-use or customised products; it also allows contributors to promote their applications.

The App Store is an important component of the MITx Ecosystem. In the App Store, using MITx token, platform members can purchase and sell apps and tools; developers can receive donates and incentives for their good quality of work and contributions to the Ecosystem.

The App Store consists of both off-chain functions and smart contracts.

The latest progress of the App Store is that we have been implementing the full functions required for the App Store, including Publish, Approve, Download, Subscribe, Trial management, billing, payment, Rating, incentive for cross-sourcing, prove of reputation, both off-chain application and smart contracts. And we are at the last step of the development and will be doing internal testing soon.

The App Store will be part of the platform public demo that to be released in June.

We will update more technical details of the App Store in our GitHub public repository. Refer to

Morpheus Labs team




The Blockchain-Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS) for prototyping, deploying and operating Dapps at minimal cost and time. |

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Morpheus Labs Team

Morpheus Labs Team

The Blockchain-Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS) for prototyping, deploying and operating Dapps at minimal cost and time. |

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