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DutchCryptoChat Telegram AMA with Robbie and Tommo

DutchCryptoChat Telegram AMA with Robbie and Tommo

Earlier on, our Ambassadors, Robbie and Tommo had been invited by @DutchCryptoChat to a LIVE Telegram AMA session, sharing about what we (Morpheus Labs) do and about the project in details and nailing a total of 42 questions.

The session had been translated to English. Read on to find out >

Q1: Welcome gentlemen, thank you for doing this AMA with us! For those who do not know Morpheus Labs, what are you guys doing, and what do you want to achieve?

A: Morpheus Labs is a BPaaS (Blockchain Platform-as-a-Service) — Blockchain Agnostic. We are focused on bridging the gap between Blockchain and adoption (Corporates, Developers, SMEs, Students). Simply said, we make sure that every user can easily start to develop on our platform thanks to our infrastructure, we also take care of the turn-key solutions and help them where it is needed. The platform is live since 25th of January 2019, and we already have several Blockchain partners and Universities using the platform. We currently have NEM, NULS, Hyperledger, Quarkchain, Vechain, Tomochain, Wanchain, Kardiachain and EOS (Cypherglass) on our platform, and more to come (think top 20's). On the education front, we are working with Hanwha Dreampluswhich is powered by a South Korean conglomerate, Tsinghua University, National Taiwan Normal University and a couple more. At the moment we are working hard to expand this network to Europe and the US.

Q2: Another question to start; How did you guys got professionally involved with Morpheus Labs?

Robbie: Good question. I came across Morpheus Labs during the pre-sale and I never left the chat afterwards :) One thing lead to another, and here we are.

Tommo: For myself, I joined Morpheus Labs after I have been working for CPChain. Actually it was quite a coincidence as it was via someone I know. I noticed there was a demand for the European connections, which to me was a nice opportunity as I love the project as well.

Q3: Am I correct by saying that Morpheus Labs is focused on companies that want to use Blockchain but don’t know how to?

A: Yes and no. For a company of let say 20 employees, it is very expensive to develop a Blockchain. First, you need to figure out which blockchain you want to use, you develop a DApp that fits with your requirements to solve a certain problem in your organisation, and start implementing it. Morpheus Labs has a Marketplace (App library) where pre-developed DApps are available for purchase, and you can also still tweak them if needed. So we are not only focused on companies, but also on students and developers.

Q4: @TommoNL; Before MITx, you the Dutch representative for CPChain. Why did you leave and joined MITx?

A: I still am a representative for CPChain, but I get more opportunities at Morpheus Labs which gives me the flexibility to better manage my time. But I am definitely not gone from CPChain.

Q5: What can you offer to developers? I noticed there are workspaces and teams on the platform?

A: Due to the different blockchains we are providing on the platform, a developer can create DApps with these. This can for instance be a DApp that is combined with several features from different blockchains. These created DApps can then be sold/ published onto our Marketplace (AppLibrary). Workspaces are for different roles, think about a Project Manager that wants to monitor his team/ development by using the dashboard.

Q6: I understood that there will be a sort of Appstore where companies can look for a solution. Could you elaborate on this?

A: Correct, as mentioned in previous answer. Our Marketplace — a DApp store — let’s say. We are currently providing 25 pre-developed DApps, ready to implement or adjust to your needs. The more DApps in “DApps store”, the better for everyone.

Q7: Let’s talk a bit more about Hanwha, as it is not a small company at all. Can you elaborate more on this partnership?

A: Sure! Hanwha has the Dreamplus Blockchain Academy (Dreamplus). Dreamplus is important as their aim is to educate people and provide an opportunity/ platform to become professional Blockchain developers; We help them with the curriculum and providing our platform for these developers to start creating their own DApps. You can find us on their website as well ->

Q8: Is there a difference in price if you are using NULS instead of VeChain for instance?

A: The price difference will lie in the complexity of the created DApp. To create DApps, the user will need to have $MITx to operate the platform. The user can also decide to lock their tokens for a certain amount of time. The more and the longer they lock their tokens, the more discount they will receive for operating the platform.

Q9: How strong is your connections within Singapore? I have been noticing how they operate in Asia and I noticed a big gap in communication between East and West. Simply said, how do know everything is being handled correctly?

A: Good question. This communication gap between East and West is a fact. In our case however this is held to a minimum as we are daily in contact with each other, so we have a lot of engagement between employees despite being in different time zones. Morpheus Labs has employees from Singapore, but also Dubai, Vietnam, China, Korea, The Netherlands and Belgium. The partners we are currently working with (think VeChain and Hanwha), and the partners we will be working with very soon is/ be a proof of our legitimacy.

Q10: Do the DApps get tested before they get deployed on the platform? What are the costs for an external party to sell the DApp in your AppLibrary?

A: The DApps will be tested before deployment by Bruce, who is our CTO. The cost for the external party will depend on the actual market situation.

Q11: At the moment you are providing 7 different program languages. Is it possible to go a step further so a person with no development experience can still create something on the platform?

A: Good question. There are currently several languages provided that are aimed on a ‘WordPress’ environment which facilitates the user to create DApps on the platform. The platform provides users with “how to” sections to help the user where needed.

Q12: How does Morpheus Labs counts to solve real world issues?

A: This will depend on the user (Developers, Students, SMEs, Corporates, Government) and his needs. Every Blockchain has it’s unique characteristics, but also it’s limitations. The platform provides you the opportunity to combine these characteristics from the different Blockchains and create something that fits the needs of your organisation.

Q13: @TommoNL, How close is your collaboration with the current partnerships?

A: We have a few new partners including EOS (Cypherglass) where I personally am creating education plans with the intention to create a self-sustaining curriculum who can pay for themselves by having companies with a problem sponsoring them, whereby they get a turn-key solution while students learn to develop with our help. This makes it easier for companies to attract internships. We look at a few parameters for integration; including short and long-term cooperation. Every ‘partner’ who only does integration, will have less to do with us. Partners who want to do integration and, for example, joint marketing at university level, get priority.

Q14: When do people need to pay to use the platform?

A: There are different tiers to subscribe to the platform, depending on your needs. You can try out the platform for free for a while, after that period of time you will have to decide which tier you want to subscribe for.

The Subscription Tiers

Q15: @Cryptorob87, is MITx open for more ambassadors?

A: Absolutely, we always welcome like-minded people. Obviously they will need to get very familiar with the project before they can join.

Q16: How will the tokens be bought to operate the platform, via open market? Or is there an automated system in place?

A: You can find a part of the answer in question above. All tokens will be bought from open market; However, there is a treasury in place. You can find more info on this in our Tokenomics article ->

Q17: Are you guys currently the only ones providing a Blockchain Platform-as-a-Service? I noticed there are a lot of Enterprise solutions. How do you guys deal with this competition?

A: At the moment we are the only BPaaS. There are however a lot of BaaS and SaaS solutions coming out as we speak. We don’t see competition as someone to fight against. We can also see competition as a possible future partner, why not? Let me elaborate with an image:

Our Competitors’ Analysis

Q18: “Technology stack recipes that we use in order to automate the blockchain development”, what does a stack recipe mean?

A: Simply said they are ready to use recipes for DApps. Think about the frame of a house, you can take something for lets say financial business which is still pretty blanc, and build from there.

Q19: Isn’t it difficult to buy MITx first before you can operate the platform? Or is there an easier way for companies to get a hold of MITx tokens?

A: Let me elaborate with a quote from our Tokenomics -> “In order for customers to use the platform, they’ll pay in USD via traditional payments or opt to pay in $MITx tokens — in both scenarios, the fee will be bought from the open market, whether customers own $MITx or not.”

Q20: How does your marketing look like? What can we expect?

A: We currently have 1 marketeer, but more will join us. As ambassadors we also help with marketing and brand awareness. We had some interesting conversations about this when we were in Monaco, the team understands the importance of this topic.

Q21: Is it correct by saying that with students/education, you want to create developers communities for the different projects? Do partners like VeChain play a role in this as well?

A: Correct! We would like to sustain the Triple-Helix model where Governments, Universities and Companies can collaborate together in promoting and growing Blockchain education. Without education, there is no adoption. VeChain also plays a role in this, as our other partners do as well. Think about a Hackathon; Instead of building on a Ethereum-based hackathon, you can have a Hackathon with for instance 20 different provided Blockchains.

Q22: Can you provide us with some more info concerning community nodes? What can we expect?

A: Unfortunately we can not share more info around this topic. However, you can go through the Tokenomics article to see what it is about and what is coming.

Q23: There were some comments on why there is not much progression on Github, could you elaborate on this?

A: We understand the concern — many members of our community believe that GitHub updates directly link to the development progress of our project. However, the nature of our Blockchain solution is different from public Blockchain projects — we are a “for profit” company that is generating revenues from clients and intends to bolster out token ecosystem with increased business activity. As such, we have decided that our codes will not be made publicly available, as this would affect our competitive advantage.

Q24: Are there any plans on rewarding the $MITx token holders? Is there a possibility to create a passive income with $MITx?

A: This has to do with our community nodes where more info will come out soon. You can also have a look at our Tokenomics where this is a bit more explained.

Q25: Are you guys actively looking to get listed on new exchanges?

A: Absolutely! Very busy with this. I’m sure everyone knows the term “NDA”, so unfortunately we can not talk much about this. We do however expect a good exchange in a short term. IDEX/ HitBTC are fine for what they are but it suppresses our growth in a certain way. No volume/liquidity = no exposure = no growth. We do have a tight schedule for this.

Q26: Projects like Wanchain, Quant Network. Could these be interesting to you guys?

A: Definitely! Wanchain actually is one our partners at the moment. Quant Network is a very great project, however there are other projects that for us (at this moment) are more interesting and where we are already in initial discussions with, or in the final phase.

Q27: How does a user know how many tokens they need to buy in order to use the platform?

A: As discussed before, the user has the choice between several tiers to subscribe for. The Tokenomics article can help answering this question with some more info on how to lock tokens, sell tokens or buy them.

Q28: A bold question; Why would the token price rise?

A: As an employee it is dangerous to tell people that the token will rise. However, there are several factors why we think Morpheus Labs has a big potential:

  1. We are needed. Soon, everyone will want to be a blockchain developer.
  2. We have several flavours (blockchains) already on our platform for users to taste from. They will only grow. +10 integrations of blockchains in the next 3 months is nit impossible. In fact, they are in our pipeline.
  3. We can work with big enterprises (Hanwha for exemple) who work with smaller enterprises and provide them our solutions.
  4. We are no competition for potential partners, we are a middleware -> win-win.
  5. Our team is growing fast, and the product is very easy to explain.
  6. The team is very open for feedback. Might seem ridiculous for some, but very very important.
  7. Handpicked project by SGInnovate
  8. A one-stop shop

Q29: I can imagine Morpheus Labs has had an ICO? Is there any info on how these funds will be managed?

A: Correct, during the ICO period from February 2018 till April 2018, we have raised $9.6M. Hereby you can also find an article where more is explained:

Q30: Has the total tokenburn already happened?

A: Not yet, it will take 42 months in total before the whole token burn has taken place. More info on this can be found here:

Q31: The whitepaper mentioned that there will be a possibility for Devs and CEO’s to have a mobile application to track progress. Is this App already live?

A: We recently discussed this topic with Bruce, the CTO. Our platform will receive some updates very soon (there already is a test version). It could be possible that there will be a barebone version live soon.

Q32: Is there a view on who is using the platform right now?

A: We have several clients using the platform as we speak. Clients like VeriTag, Sure International, Hanwha Dreamplus, SmartMinds, Developers, and soon others we can not discuss yet.

Q33: What kind of DApps do you have right now on the platform? And what can we expect?

A: At the moment, the DApps that have been published are more for education/ training purpose for platform users to quickly learn dapp developer for different Blockchains, such as Ethereum, VeChain and NEO. And we are integrating more DApps horizontally and vertically — more DApps for more popular Blockchains and more DApps used as reference apps or ready-to-use / ready-to-customize solutions for various platform users, be individual developers or enterprises.

Q34: I’ve noticed an image about the technical architecture with a security function in layer 3, 4 and 7. Could you elaborate more on these functions?

A: Happy to see that you are looking into the technical details of the platform architecture. In general, the security design in the architecture diagram is to tell that the platform has been designed and implemented to provide various security measures at different layers, i.e. from network, system and application layers, in order to provide a secured blockchain platform as a service environment

Q35: What do you guys like the most about working for Morpheus Labs?

A: Robbie: I think it’s really fun as the project is very versatile and has so many use cases. You provide choices to the user/ potential users where they can combine the best from all Blockchains and create something themselves. This with 60–70% less in cost and time -> no brainer in my opinion.

Tommo: Easy — I have done so much in 3 months that I have never expected. I receive flexibility from the team, and I am listened to, also when it comes to look for synergies between partners and potential partners. I have a saying, which is great!

Q36: Is there a possibility to apply to become a Product Council? What does it takes to become one?

A: Absolutely! The Product Council will be a closed group of community members comprising of developers and non-developers, tasked with assisting and engaging with the Morpheus Labs development team as new updates are released. They will be tasked with assisting in the debugging process, providing feedback and suggestions on new features. Top developers may also be part of the DApp listing approval process on the AppLibrary, depending on their skillset. Members of the Product Council will be required to hold an amount of tokens for as long as they are part of the group. We will be releasing a more detailed blog post soon with the exact requirements and application form.

Q37: How do you guys get new partnerships? How does this work?

A: A lot goes via referrals and leads or otherwise as the crypto space is actually pretty small. It’s like Business Development in a traditional business. You look for potential partners and try to reach out to them. Then, it is a question of a good pitch to get them interested to discuss further. Which mostly is the case and they are mind blown when they get to know our project.

Q38: Has the possibility discussed to provide Morpheus Labs platform to Universities? From what I’ve read, you guys are providing the perfect tools for learning how to develop on Blockchain.

A: Definitely! We do this for example with Tsinghua University, Hanwha Dreamplus Blockchain Academy and National Taiwan Normal University. We are also in discussion with European and American Universities to do the same. In fact, some of our partners have several Universities as partner already, and if everything goes well we can end up having discussions with around 20 Universities.

Q39: Let’s say I want to use Blockchain technology within my Enterprise, how would it would work to integrate your system into mine?

A: You don’t integrate our system, we have a web-browser based platform. So you create a DApp (or you let someone create a DApp, or you buy one) — after that you put this onchain and it’s done.

Q40: When can we expect some news from Morpheus Labs?

A: Within this and 7 days.

Q41: Can you already spill some beans on this?

A: Well, let’s say top 20.

Another thing, our integration pipeline is full till the end of August. This gives you an idea on how much interest there is from external parties.

Q42: Maybe this question have been asked already, but how are we when it comes to the Roadmap? Are there any delays?

A: No delays, we are actually a little bit ahead of schedule. The team is working very hard to make it all work.

Once again, thank you @DutchCryptoChat for having the Ambassadors, Robbie and Tommo on their Telegram channel to share about the Morpheus Labs project.



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