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DutchCryptoChat Telegram AMA with Robbie and Tommo

DutchCryptoChat Telegram AMA with Robbie and Tommo

Q1: Welcome gentlemen, thank you for doing this AMA with us! For those who do not know Morpheus Labs, what are you guys doing, and what do you want to achieve?

Q2: Another question to start; How did you guys got professionally involved with Morpheus Labs?

Q3: Am I correct by saying that Morpheus Labs is focused on companies that want to use Blockchain but don’t know how to?

Q4: @TommoNL; Before MITx, you the Dutch representative for CPChain. Why did you leave and joined MITx?

Q5: What can you offer to developers? I noticed there are workspaces and teams on the platform?

Q6: I understood that there will be a sort of Appstore where companies can look for a solution. Could you elaborate on this?

Q7: Let’s talk a bit more about Hanwha, as it is not a small company at all. Can you elaborate more on this partnership?

Q8: Is there a difference in price if you are using NULS instead of VeChain for instance?

Q9: How strong is your connections within Singapore? I have been noticing how they operate in Asia and I noticed a big gap in communication between East and West. Simply said, how do know everything is being handled correctly?

Q10: Do the DApps get tested before they get deployed on the platform? What are the costs for an external party to sell the DApp in your AppLibrary?

Q11: At the moment you are providing 7 different program languages. Is it possible to go a step further so a person with no development experience can still create something on the platform?

Q12: How does Morpheus Labs counts to solve real world issues?

Q13: @TommoNL, How close is your collaboration with the current partnerships?

Q14: When do people need to pay to use the platform?

The Subscription Tiers

Q15: @Cryptorob87, is MITx open for more ambassadors?

Q16: How will the tokens be bought to operate the platform, via open market? Or is there an automated system in place?

Q17: Are you guys currently the only ones providing a Blockchain Platform-as-a-Service? I noticed there are a lot of Enterprise solutions. How do you guys deal with this competition?

Our Competitors’ Analysis

Q18: “Technology stack recipes that we use in order to automate the blockchain development”, what does a stack recipe mean?

Q19: Isn’t it difficult to buy MITx first before you can operate the platform? Or is there an easier way for companies to get a hold of MITx tokens?

Q20: How does your marketing look like? What can we expect?

Q21: Is it correct by saying that with students/education, you want to create developers communities for the different projects? Do partners like VeChain play a role in this as well?

Q22: Can you provide us with some more info concerning community nodes? What can we expect?

Q23: There were some comments on why there is not much progression on Github, could you elaborate on this?

Q24: Are there any plans on rewarding the $MITx token holders? Is there a possibility to create a passive income with $MITx?

Q25: Are you guys actively looking to get listed on new exchanges?

Q26: Projects like Wanchain, Quant Network. Could these be interesting to you guys?

Q27: How does a user know how many tokens they need to buy in order to use the platform?

Q28: A bold question; Why would the token price rise?

  1. We are needed. Soon, everyone will want to be a blockchain developer.
  2. We have several flavours (blockchains) already on our platform for users to taste from. They will only grow. +10 integrations of blockchains in the next 3 months is nit impossible. In fact, they are in our pipeline.
  3. We can work with big enterprises (Hanwha for exemple) who work with smaller enterprises and provide them our solutions.
  4. We are no competition for potential partners, we are a middleware -> win-win.
  5. Our team is growing fast, and the product is very easy to explain.
  6. The team is very open for feedback. Might seem ridiculous for some, but very very important.
  7. Handpicked project by SGInnovate
  8. A one-stop shop

Q29: I can imagine Morpheus Labs has had an ICO? Is there any info on how these funds will be managed?

Q30: Has the total tokenburn already happened?

Q31: The whitepaper mentioned that there will be a possibility for Devs and CEO’s to have a mobile application to track progress. Is this App already live?

Q32: Is there a view on who is using the platform right now?

Q33: What kind of DApps do you have right now on the platform? And what can we expect?

Q34: I’ve noticed an image about the technical architecture with a security function in layer 3, 4 and 7. Could you elaborate more on these functions?

Q35: What do you guys like the most about working for Morpheus Labs?

Q36: Is there a possibility to apply to become a Product Council? What does it takes to become one?

Q37: How do you guys get new partnerships? How does this work?

Q38: Has the possibility discussed to provide Morpheus Labs platform to Universities? From what I’ve read, you guys are providing the perfect tools for learning how to develop on Blockchain.

Q39: Let’s say I want to use Blockchain technology within my Enterprise, how would it would work to integrate your system into mine?

Q40: When can we expect some news from Morpheus Labs?

Q41: Can you already spill some beans on this?

Q42: Maybe this question have been asked already, but how are we when it comes to the Roadmap? Are there any delays?



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