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EMBA Students from NTNU (National Taiwan Normal University) visits Morpheus Labs, Singapore

Editor’s Note: Central News Agency (CNA) of Taiwan had covered the visit on 7th January 2019 and published the news via

The Executive MBA Students from National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) accompanied by Dean of NTNU College of Management, Prof David D. Chou are on a three days exploration tour to understand the Fintech scene within Singapore. We are privileged to host the group on the FIRST Monday of the Year to share about the evolution of Blockchain and the business.

Prior to this, the students had expressed strong interest in the business model of Morpheus Labs due to the rising hype in blockchain technologies and adoption within South East Asia and Asia.

Morpheus Labs CEO, Mr Chuang Pei-Han and CTO, Mr Bruce Lu shared with the group on their entrepreneurship journey and hosted the discussions based on the appended topics:

  1. The History & Past Use Cases of Blockchain
  2. The Current Hype and Trends of Blockchain
  3. The Future of Blockchain and Its Opportunities
  4. The difference in ICOs and STOs and sharing on the future of STOs
  5. Our Tokenomics and Business Model of Morpheus Labs
  6. Morpheus Labs’s Ecosystem and its Unique Value Proposition
  7. Potential Business Opportunities

Some pictures taken from the Event:

Interactive Discussion with the EMBA Students & CEO Mr Chuang Pei Han and CTO Mr Bruce Lu
Casual Discussions over Tea Reception & Networking
From Left to Right: Prof David D.Chou, CEO Mr Chuang Pei-Han, Marketing Lead Ms Willynn Ng, CTO Mr Bruce Lu
We say “Morpheus Labs” ^^v

It’s indeed our pleasure to host the group from NTNU and we look forward to more collaborations like this. Drop us a mail at if you are keen.

Click here to read about the visit by The Institute of Financial Science and Technology of Tsinghua University.

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Morpheus Labs Team

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