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Guest Post [Feb 2019] — Introducing Our Super Intern, Bruce Wen

Bruce Wen

Hello everyone, I’m Bruce Wen Ke Zhen, the Intern at Morpheus Labs. It has been 4 months since I have joined Morpheus Labs: a start-up company with an amazing prospect.

A Little Background of Myself:

Connect with Bruce via Linkedin

1 — I graduated from Raffles Institution 2 years ago (class of 2016) and am grateful to Morpheus Labs for giving me an intern opportunity to further my interest in programming while experiencing the excitement of new blockchain technology after my national service.

2 — I was previously part of Raffles’ computer elective program, where I developed some basic understanding towards coding. I look forward to enrolling at University of Chicago this September where I am thinking of majoring in economics and computer science.

I began my internship in November 2018, diving deep into the blockchain environment at Singapore Fintech Festival (biggest annual fintech festival in the world) by exhibiting the Morpheus Labs platform project at our booth. I was, of course, new to the entire blockchain concept; Branson Lee (COO/Co-founder) and Willynn (Head of Marketing) helped me to quickly pick up a brief understanding towards Decentralized Apps (DApps) and features of different blockchain protocols. I also got acquainted with our blockchain platform and its unique features.

At the Festival, I experienced a huge interest by the public in blockchain and its applications, as well as education opportunities regarding blockchain. It provided anecdotal proof to me that the team at Morpheus Labs is working on something truly meaningful and significant.

One very interesting event for me was a talk given by Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of the Hyperledger project at the Linux Foundation. He discussed the current state of affairs of blockchain as well as certain obstacles to its widespread adoption; it was a great form of introduction for me to the blockchain world.

After the Singapore Fintech Festival, based on my understanding of blockchain technology and its potential, I wrote a summary on “Why Blockchain is the Next BIG Thing”.

With guidance and advice from Bruce Lu (CTO/Co-Founder) I created my first Ethereum smart contract using Solidity. Appreciation also goes to Dorel D. Burcea (CIO/Co-Founder) who introduced me to the Truffle Suite.

I tried out compiling and deploying the contract using Truffle and Ganache (Stacks were downloaded and utilized through the native Operating System command line).

Upon success, I then attempted implementing a currently available DApp on the Morpheus Labs platform, and really enjoyed the simpler set-up

process offered which is more user-friendly than getting everything done through the command line and other peripheral software without the platform.

With basic knowledge of the blockchain ecosystem and the Morpheus Labs platform, I had been assisting in the writing of the documentation for the upcoming new platform.

While I was still unsure of certain features then, I am very thankful that Bruce Lu, Dorel, and members of the technical team walked me through an entire workflow. Bruce Lu even deployed a DApp he had written on the platform and demo-ed it to me!

Fascinating! Through composing the documentation, I was given a great exposure to the platform’s multi-faceted features and learnt the entire flow of building a DApp.

I had also assisted in course material writing for Hanwha Dreamplus Blockchain Academy, which has partnered with Morpheus Labs. Hanna, our Business Development Director in Korea, found great opportunities such as this to expand our business overseas. I drafted a brief introduction to the Solidity smart contract language, Ethereum blockchain network, and the structure behind a Decentralized Application. I also provided a brief overview of using the related tools including Truffle Suite, Ganache for Ethereum DApp development. A tutorial on utilizing these features on our Morpheus Labs blockchain platform was also written. Besides the technical details that I am gradually picking up, I feel grateful to Willynn and Pei-Han (our dear CEO/Co-Founder) for involving me in day-to-day discussions regarding marketing and business decisions.

Among many others, we talked about how to expand the DApps in our AppLibrary, partnerships with other blockchain protocols and educational institutes, and researched into government business policies. Besides helping me with my business acumen, these really helped me to realize value in what we were working on and get me even more excited on the future of our Morpheus Labs blockchain platform.

I foresee myself working towards creating an Ethereum DApp project.

I’m considering an idea on education certification (among others) and will work towards publishing this DApp on the Morpheus Labs platform AppLibrary. Towards this goal, I have begun deepening my skills in Javascript (many similarities to Solidity, the smart contract language for blockchain)

through the famous Eloquent Javascript book (3rd Edition). While I have already understood basic programming ideas, this book has challenged me with non-trivial concepts and exercises, plus an insistence on eloquence in code writing. Currently, I’m at Chapter 10 (Modules), and I can’t wait to finish this demanding book! It’s great that the Morpheus Labs team is supportive of me spending time reading up.

With a reinforced foundation of Javascript, I hope to be able to attain my goal!

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