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Guest Post [Jan 2019] — Introducing Robbie Vander Ghinste

Mentioned in the earlier post, Morpheus Labs will be adopting a more inclusive and community-centric approach to build the Future of Blockchain Community Series.

In Year 2019, we will be featuring a monthly guest post on the Last Friday of every month. For January 2019, due to the official launch that falls on the Last Friday, we had pushed the post to today.

To kick off the first post, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce one of our Morpheus Labs Ambassador whom we had recruited under the Program.


Connect with Robbie via Linkedin & Twitter

Morpheus Labs Ambassador: Robbie Vander Ghinste

Hi everyone,

My name is Robbie, a 31 year old living in Brussels, Belgium.

And this is my story.

The last 5–6 years I have been active in IT. I started as an IT recruiter for a corporate recruitment company in Brussels. I mostly recruited freelance IT Project- Program Managers for projects for my clients. Building a solid network in this environment, and speaking to a lot of Project and Progam Managers every day, gave me a very good understanding on what their day to day business looks like and what it takes to deliver a project in time, budget and scope.

After 2 years, I decided I wanted more adventure and went on to become an IT Account Manager at another company so that I can have more time to meet my clients and focus more on Business Development. At that time, I had 3 recruiters working for me and their job is to present me the right IT profile for the clients’ projects. Speaking to all these clients and consultants, it started to dawn upon me that I would love to take on the Project Manager role myself so I went on to attain the required certifications. After 2 years of IT Account Management, I moved on to become a Project Manager and got recruited by the biggest IT consultancy in Belgium.

Continuous improvement is something I keep an eye on; I developed my knowledge in Agile and I became a certified Scrum Master and Product Owner.

As my work field is in the IT/ Tech industry, I’ve met a lot of interesting people in this area. A developer once shared with me about Blockchain and it got me interested, so I did some research about it and it got me hooked immediately.

Around March 2018, I was researching some ICO’s to possibly invest in. Like the rest of the investors, I started reading whitepapers to have an idea about the project and what they want to accomplish. When I came across the whitepaper of Morpheus Labs, I was getting pretty excited. The Morpheus Labs team saw a solution to a certain challenge in this new market, which is bringing the blockchain technology to everyone. From small to medium to big enterprises and perhaps beyond that.

The platform provides the capability to make their business more efficient by using this new exciting technology. So after some more research about the team and the project, I joined their Telegram chat and started talking to everyone involved and was pretty active every day. Today I am proud to be a part of the team as one of their ambassadors.

Although Blockchain is still in its early days, I see a bright future for this technology. It will probably take some time to gain traction, as every new industrial evolution. But I’m confident that Blockchain will be a part of our daily lives in the upcoming years and I am very excited about it.

I would be glad to chat up with like-minded people and perhaps to join me on this journey together with Morpheus Labs.

Do catch me via Morpheus Labs’s official telegram chat here.

To the moon and beyond. See you.

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Morpheus Labs Team


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