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Guest Post [March 2019] — Introducing Michael Park

We have come to our 3rd Guest Post of the Year. :) Time flies and we are about to close 1Q 2019. In 2018, we had launched the Morpheus Labs Ambassador Program and had recruited 3 Ambassadors thus far. Today, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce one of our Ambassador, Michael Park.

Introducing Michael Park

Connect with Michael via Linkedin

Nice to meet you, friends who love Morpheus Labs!
I am Michael Park, a 31 years old Gen Y living in Korea.

A little background of myself:
I was working for the Korean Ministry of Justice, 5 years back.
It’s a very quiet and heavy place.
Because it’s law enforcement! :P

I was under tremendous pressure because I’m not supposed to make mistakes.

I was at the Justice Department, thinking, “Can’t I work a little more comfortably?”

It was also during that time, I found out about A.I, Simple Work programs, etc.

But not everything has been able to satisfy me.

And two years later, I read up about BTC and ETH.
I read some blockchain papers published in Korea,

And was thinking to myself “Really? Can this change our lives?”

I was worried about the future and…
Was glad when I realized the answer to my question was a “YES”.

We’re in a time when it’s hard to live without a smartphone.
It’s going to be more techy/ tech-savvy in the future.

When I got to the idea, I ventured into several coins.
I still remember the first day (the day when I participated in ICO) vividly.
But can it still be used in real life? The question remains.

And a year later, I happened to get to know about Morpheus Labs.
I read white books like I read comic books.
It can really, really, change our lives easily~

Morpheus Labs knows the pain spot of blockchain and is committed to change it.

I started talking with Pei-Han and Branson on Telegram back then.
I had so many questions!

And a year later,
I became the Ambassador of Morpheus Labs~

And everything is history.

So if you’re curious about blockchain, just tell us!
Let’s talk about changing the world!~

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