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Introducing a NEW Strategic Partner in Korea — Korea Medium & Small Industries Managers Association Since 1980

Enhancing Korean SMEs competitiveness through the introduction of Blockchain technology

Last week, Morpheus Labs signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Korea Medium & Small Industries Managers Association Since 1980 (KMSIMA) to help local SMEs transit to the changes in the era of The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Editor’s Note: Check out the Related Article in Korean via the link here.

The main aim of this partnership is to discuss both technical and business aspects of Blockchain in order to enhance the SMEs’ competitiveness for the future economy. This significant collaboration is the first step that KMSIMA has taken to aid Korean SMEs that could eventually lead to national growth in the long run.

Both parties agreed on discussions based on the appended attributes: —

(a) cooperation for the advancement of SMEs using Blockchain technology

(b) technical matters on the introduction of Blockchain technology

(c) advisory services for the business on the introduction of Blockchain

(d) cooperation on mutual growth using their networks.

Song-Ho Kim, the chairperson of KMSIMA has said, “If we use Blockchain technology to draw up the consensus and cooperation of local SMEs, we can expect not only corporate development but also national growth as an axis of the national economy. I am delighted to partner with Morpheus Labs as it is an important step to resolve the real problems SMEs are facing”.

“In fact, many domestic companies are facing a lot of difficulties due to the inconvenience of financing through traditional financial institutions, poor welfare benefits, and excessive competition among small companies. We hope to innovate the SMEs’ scene in Korea through Blockchains”, added Hanna Bae, Business Development Director (Korea) of Morpheus Labs.

Chuang Pei-Han, CEO of Morpheus Labs, was supportive of this partnership as he mentioned “The current Blockchain industry still lacks such infrastructure due to its high development costs, technical limitations, and shortage of manpower. We are doing our best to allow companies to test and introduce Blockchain technology in a time-efficient manner. We would like to help many SMEs in Korea through our partnership with KMSIMA and establish real life use cases”.


KMSIMA is a not-for-profit organization that has 5,000 members nationwide and is actively engaged in the development of SMEs within South Korea. To date, many domestic SMEs have been benefited through the organization through its various cooperation and collaboration models.

Written by: Hanna Bae

Vetting and Editing by: Willynn Ng and Management of Morpheus Labs



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