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Introducing: Bruce Lu

Co-founder / CTO, Morpheus Labs

In this series of articles, we want to introduce the people behind the Morpheus Labs ecosystem. One-by-one we will discover more about the individual team members, what they are interested in and why/what they work on at Morpheus Labs.

So far, we have already introduced Chuang Pei-Han and Branson Lee. This time around we would like to present you Bruce Lu who co-founded Morpheus Labs together with Chaung Pei-Han and Branson Lee and acts as CTO at Morpheus Labs.

Bruce Lu (Co-founder & CTO, Morpheus Labs)

What is your background and field of interest?

I’ve been working in software development for businesses and enterprises for more than 20 years, and started focusing on blockchain technology research and innovation in 2015. My current interest is in research of various dimension of blockchain technologies and standards, as well as transforming how we work and live by adopting blockchain technology in our daily life.

How and why did you end up at Morpheus Labs?

I knew Pei Han and Branson from the MIT FinTech certificate program in 2016. They started the idea of providing a blockchain as a service platform and set up Morpheus Labs to implement the idea. They invited me to contribute in 2017 and I found out that we are sharing the same vision and goals. Also we were happy to realize that our skills and experiences complement each other. So in 2018, I left IBM and joined Morpheus Labs as a full-time CTO.

What exactly are you doing at Morpheus Labs?

As CTO, I regularly work together with the CIO Dorel on defining the technology strategy, technology research directions and the technical milestones. Thus I am responsible for designing and building the blockchain as a service platform from the technical perspective. Currently, I’m mainly focusing on providing blockchain projects, consulting services and blockchain research partnerships, on regional scale.

What is your biggest achievement at Morpheus Labs?

In my view, all the achievements are achieved through the hard work of our wonderful team. The main achievements are:

  • Completed our ICO successfully after months of working relentlessly days and nights
  • Launched a new version of our platform MVP
  • Launched initial version of our App Store
  • Signed the first food blockchain project

What are you most excited about regarding the future of Morpheus Labs?

We are the first token-enabled blockchain as service platform, I’m excited about what our platform can provide to our customers to help them adopt blockchain technology and optimize and transformation of their businesses. I’m also excited about our next technical milestone in interoperability and inter-network capabilities of multiple blockchains, which will be the next wave of blockchain technology development.

What are your personal interests / hobbies / etc.?

I like going to the cinema and almost never miss out on any of the high ranking movies. I regularly watch the English Premium League as I’m a fan of both Chealsea and Manchester United (because of the coach Jose Mourinho). I also enjoy having wine and dinners with friends.




The Blockchain-Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS) for prototyping, deploying and operating Dapps at minimal cost and time. |

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Morpheus Labs Team

Morpheus Labs Team

The Blockchain-Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS) for prototyping, deploying and operating Dapps at minimal cost and time. |

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