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Morpheus Labs and QuarkChain Launch a SmartDrop Campaign!

Morpheus Labs X QuarkChain

First off, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support in getting us to our successful platform launch on the 25th of January. We understand that 2018 has been a tough year for all of us, but we believe 2019 will bring with it a more positive and lucrative year. We have been busy building out our platform, signing new partnerships and on-boarding initial users. Our main focus in the coming months will be on marketing, PR and building out our community on a global scale to ensure the health of our ecosystem.

In the spirit of our more refined marketing focus, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our unique SmartDrop program, in collaboration with QuarkChain!

We sincerely value having QuarkChain as one of our earliest technology partners. QuarkChain is an innovative permissionless blockchain architecture that aims to meet the global-wise commercial standard. It provides a secure, decentralized, and scalable blockchain solution to deliver 100,000+ on-chain TPS. It is by far and away the most advanced sharding solution on the market.

SmartDrop Target Results:

Participants will have the chance to earn up to $2500 USD worth of MITx for their contributions, with the lowest contribution being set at $25 USD. The breakdown of the rewards is outlined below:

The final tally will be done and rewards will be done in a tiered approach, where the Top-100 will receive a specific amount, followed by the 11–100, etc.

For example:

Top 10 — Receive $2500 USD worth of MITx

11–100 — Receive $1000 USD worth of MITx

101–500 — Receive $250 USD worth of MITx

501–2500 — Receive $50 USD worth of MITx

2501–10000 — Receive $25 USD worth of MITx

For convenience, we have created a spreadsheet where participants can see the exact reward points for each action, corresponding bonus multipliers and referral point sharing agreements. We have designed this program to engage both the $MITx and $QKC communities. We are calling on all participants to help us build a more active, robust and engaged following by completing tasks and contributing to the ecosystem, in order to be eligible to receive substantial rewards in $MITx tokens. Below, we outline the rules and different campaigns that make up our SmartDrop. If you are unfamiliar with what a SmartDrop is, the creator David A. Johnston has written a great primer here.

General Rules:

Smartdrop campaign will run from 6th March 2019 to 6th April 2019 (both days inclusive).

  1. In order to be eligible for participation, please register here →
  2. Participants MUST verify their emails to be considered.
  3. Only the Top 10,000 participants by points will be eligible to receive tokens.
  4. Participants MUST fill out the Initial Sign-Up Form.
  5. All participants are required to join our Telegram chat to be eligible to receive rewards,
  6. All rewards will be calculated during the two to three weeks following the end of our SmartDrop program. We anticipate the program will run for 4 weeks.
  7. We reserve the right to terminate your account and forfeit any rewards in the event of dishonest behaviour.
  8. We reserve the right to change the rules of the SmartDrop event at any time without notice.
  9. Participations are limited to the use of one social media account per channel. Participants found using multiple accounts will be disqualified.
  10. Participants can only enter with one Ethereum address. Please make sure that you enter the correct address, we cannot make changes once it has been submitted.

We have developed 6 different processes to incite engagement from our community, outlined below. Each completed process will entitle the participant points as set out in the spreadsheet here.

Twitter Campaign

  1. Follow Morpheus Labs on Twitter:
  2. Follow QuarkChain on Twitter:
  3. Only Twitter accounts with more than 50 followers will be allowed.
  4. Do not retweet and “like” tweets that are answers to other users.
  5. Only original retweets from the official Morpheus Labs account will qualify.
  6. Retweet should add at least 2 of these hashtags from Morpheus Labs: #MITx, #MorpheusLabs, #BPaaS, #Blockchain, #Ethereum, #Bitcoin, #Cryptocurrency AND 1 of these hashtags from QuarkChain: #QKC, #QuarkChain.
  7. Do not retweet and like tweets that are more than four days old.
  8. You can do this operation a maximum of 2 times per day.
  9. The management of Morpheus Labs reserves the right not to consider your Twitter account eligible for this campaign, without any further notice, even if you meet the requirements.
  10. Your Twitter audit ( score must be equal to at least 85% and only real followers from the last audit will count. (added on 9th March 2019)

Content Submission:

The following two campaigns relate to our second form on our SmartDrop page. We have outlined the minimum requirements for a piece of content to be considered for points.

2. Blog

  1. Articles must be at least 400 words long.
  2. All articles names must include “Morpheus Labs”, “Blockchain”, “MITx”. (Optional “BPaas”)
  3. The content needs to mention the project name Morpheus labs, provide a link to the official website (, explain the advantages of the project and of the MITx token. It should also include the writer’s own understanding of the Morpheus Labs project.
  4. The blog post cannot be deleted until the end of the distribution period.
  5. Articles need to be original. Users found copying, or low quality posts will not be considered.

3. YouTube

  1. YouTube videos must be at least 3 minutes long. Users must have at least 100 organic subscribers.
  2. All video names must include “Morpheus Labs”, “Blockchain”, “MITx”. (Optional: “BPaaS”)
  3. The video description or content must include a link to our website, Telegram chat and your referral link. Content must include the advantages of the Morpheus Labs project and the producer’s own understanding of the project.
  4. Video cannot be taken down until the end of the calculation period.

Proof of Alliance Actions

The following two actions relate to the participant’s dedication to both the $MITx and $QKC ecosystems.

4. qPocket Download

  1. Download qPocket on
  2. Create a wallet followed by instruction.
  3. Go to “Settings” and click on “redeem code”
  4. Copy the redeem code and submit it via the content submission form
  5. You will get 25% bonus stakes.

5. Staking MITx and QKC

Qualifying Tier

  1. If you own 15k or more $MITx → You will receive 25% bonus stakes.
  2. If you own 30k or more $MITx → You will receive 50% bonus stakes.
  3. If you own 100k or more $MITx → You will receive 150% bonus stakes.

Bonus Tier (for QKC token holders); If you also own $QKC tokens: (Note you must at least fulfill the minimum requirement of owning 15k $MITx to qualify for the $QKC bonus)

  1. If you own 5k or more $QKC → You will receive an additional 25% bonus stakes.
  2. If you own 10k or more $QKC → You will receive an additional 50% bonus stakes.
  3. If you own 30k or more $QKC → You will receive an additional 150% bonus stakes.

The tokens MUST be held (hodled) until the distribution date. The distribution date is estimated to be 2 to 3 weeks AFTER 6th April 2019. Elaborating on the reward structure for the “staking” of $MITx and $QKC, we will be scheduling three public snapshots spread out during the duration of the SmartDrop program. The earlier you register your Ethereum address and participate in the snapshots, the higher the bonus earned. There will also be private snapshots at random intervals (at Management’s discretion). The public snapshot dates are as follows:

  1. 12th of March 2019, at 00:00 GMT+8
  2. 19th of March 2019, at 00:00 GMT+8
  3. 26th of March 2019, at 00:00 GMT+8

The full bonus amounts are only applicable to participants that hold tokens by the first public snapshot on the 12th of March. Bonus amounts for every tier will drop by 20% at each subsequent PUBLIC snapshot.

e.g. Bonus amounts for participants that miss the 1st snapshot but make it in time for the 2nd public snapshot would be as follows:

1st Tier → 20% bonus stakes

2nd Tier → 40% bonus stakes

3rd Tier → 120% bonus stakes

e.g. Bonus amounts for participants that miss the first two snapshots but makes it in time for the 3rd public snapshot would be as follows:

1st Tier → 16% bonus stakes

2nd Tier → 32% bonus stakes

3rd Tier → 96% bonus stakes

6. Referral Point Sharing

Participants are rewarded for referring their friends to our SmartDrop. In order to incentivize high quality referrals, participants are entitled to a percentage of the points earned by their friends. In our case:

  1. If you refer 1 or more friends → You will earn 5% of your friend’s total points
  2. If you refer 5 or more friends → You will earn 7.5% of your friend’s total points
  3. If you refer 10 or more friends → You will earn 10% of your friend’s total points



Developers are encouraged to take part in our SmartDrop, they are also privileged to an additional 100% bonus stakes above all other participants. Developers must fill up the third form titled “Developer App Form” to be considered for this. Registration is capped to 100 developers. Developer selection is at the sole discretion of the Morpheus Labs management team.

As a bonus treat to our QuarkChain partners, developers from their community can list their DApps on our App Library for free for 1 year.


  1. The prize money is not convertible to fiat.
  2. Please check regulations surrounding the legality of ownership or receivership of digital tokens/cryptocurrencies in your respective jurisdictions of residence and/or citizenship.
  3. Token price will be based on the average price of $MITx taken from the 2–3 weeks FOLLOWING the 6th April 2019 (which will be the calculation period) reflected at CoinMarketCap. We will be taking snapshots of the price at four intervals.
  4. If two participants have the exact same score, the participant who registered first will get the higher rank.
  5. The management of Morpheus Labs reserves all rights to amend the conditions of this campaign without any prior notice in writing and decisions will be deemed final.

Finally, we would like to thank our loyal supporters for sticking with us throughout this turbulent market that was 2018, however, we have spent that time building and developing our product in anticipation of the upcoming year, where we will put forth an aggressive marketing plan to push for adoption of our platform and our token. We are excited to show you all what we have been working on in the next few months. This is only the beginning.

We would like to thank everyone at Morpheus Labs as well as external contributors who have worked very hard to make our SmartDrop happen!

Please drop us an email at if you have questions pertaining to the campaign.

👏 If you enjoyed reading this piece, do leave us a clap (P.S: We don’t mind multiple claps too!) or comment below. We are curious to hear your thoughts.











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