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Dear Supporters, WE ARE FINALLY BACK from the semi-hiatus as our team have been working around the clock to soft launch the platform last Wednesday, 31st October and ensuring the day-to-day operations. Thus today, we will be updating on the business progress for both September and October together.

1 — Strategic Partnerships:

  • Last week, we announced our partnership with a renowned Blockchain Partner — VeChain. The MoU was signed last month as a move closer to build a comprehensive platform and to further enhance Morpheus Labs ecosystem. The exploration of this partnership, similar to other partners like NEM, NULS, NeuroTech, and QuarkChain, will focus on the variety of blockchains for both enterprises and developers to develop applications on. We believe the breadth of blockchain choices remain a critical competitive advantage for us.
  • KOREA — the team had inked a business agreement with SmartMind, a rising Korean startup that housed a team of professional engineers specialized in Big Data, Smart Factory, Media and Advertising. They were selected as one of the first companies powered under the incubation programme organized by Seoul Startup Hub. This partnership will enable both parties to combine their resources in cooperation to optimize business competitiveness.
  • We have a new strategic partner, Argos Solutions, a highly-trusted KYC-AML Service Provider headquartered in Korea. As compliance procedures are essential for both ICO companies and cryptocurrency exchanges, the partnership will provide a fantastic exposure of Morpheus Lab’s platform to more future blockchain projects in Korea.

2 — Education Alliances:

Shortage of talents within the blockchain industry is an acute problem faced by many enterprises. To help train more blockchain talents, we believe partnering with some of the best educational institutes out there will help to alleviate this problem.

To this end, we have initiated discussions and conducted various demo sessions of the platform to some of the well-known education alliances listed below. They are:

  • Hanwha Dreamplus. A potential collaboration in developing curriculum for their blockchain academy. Dreamplus, is an accelerator powered by one of Korea’s biggest conglomerate group — Hanwha. Both parties aim to work together to explore the development of a comprehensive blockchain course for its academy with access to the development platform. Hosting of offline workshops is also being discussed.
  • Avantus Training, a leading IT Training Centre in Singapore. A possible collaboration on blockchain course materials. Avantus Training is well-known for providing excellent IT programmes. We are confident this collaboration will help to increase blockchain talent pool. Our platform will provide students with hands-on experiential learning.
  • Multiple renowned tertiary educational institutions in Singapore, South Korea, and Australia to provide our platform as a part of their Blockchain curriculum. Developers’ Communities are also one of our key target groups to create experiential learning leveraging on blockchain applications.

3 — Exchanges and $MITx:

  • Earlier on, we announced MITx listing on Coinsuper, and we can confirm the listing date will be in Mid-November 2018.
  • No. of Exchanges that list $MITx (after Nov 2018): 3 (Other Exchanges — Liquid “Formerly known as Qryptos” and HitBTC)

4 — Marketing:

Click on <Sign Up> to access our Platform
  • The team launched the platform last week, and we are now open for registrations! Take our platform for a spin today by clicking on the <Sign Up> button on our official website.
  • An official launch event will be organised in Singapore, tentatively in January 2019 and details will be shared at a later date.
  • The team had refined the go-to-market strategies and will be on track to plan for more industry and community focused events. In the meantime, the team will acquire alliance with industry-related associations to hype up the ecosystem.
  • The Morpheus Labs website will be revamped by early November to realign branding needs and to celebrate the significant milestone of the platform launch.

5 — Team:

#TeamMorpheus for the win!
  • We have new additions to the Morpheus Labs family — Bao had joined us as the UX/UI Designer and Willynn had joined the Marketing Team.

6 — Community:

  • We are finally on Instagram! Follow us at our official Instagram page
  • Morpheus Labs VVIP Ambassador Programme (By-Invite ONLY): We had kicked off our VVIP Ambassador Programme to honor and recognize our loyal supporters AND followers since our early days. TWO Ambassadors, Robbie and Michael had been on-boarded.☺

On a side note: The selection of the Ambassadors is based on their knowledge of the platform as well as their corporate experience.

Written by: Willynn Ng | Vetted by: Management of Morpheus Labs

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Morpheus Labs Team

Morpheus Labs Team


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