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Morpheus Labs Explained Part 5


In the last “Morpheus Labs Explained” articles, we took a look at:

This week, we are focusing on the Morpheus Labs mission.

Overall mission

Imagine trying to run a business (provide a service or sending a good) without roads, electricity and telecommunications in place. Running operations would be extremely hard, and communication externally or internally would not be efficient.

Hence, for all growing economies, there is a need for a well-designed, stable and scalable infrastructure. This is similar to the blockchain economy, which is one of the latest and fastest growing technologies, and which governments and enterprises across the globe have identified, pledging huge resources to adopt significantly in the next decades. Our goal is to be the enabler for this technology, building ‘roads and infrastructure’ for the blockchain world.

Our BPaaS is based on our mission to provide efficient connectivity among all networks and resources; hence, it provides a conducive environment for innovation to fast track success. We have a seasoned and highly skilled team in entrepreneurship, application development and implementation of large scale infrastructure, coupled with the strong support of a com- mitted and prominent advisory team who are leaders of their own industry with strong networks.

We are confident and committed to commercially and viably scaling our BPaaS operations and capturing a huge blockchain market.

Investor mission

We are in the midst of a surge of interest across global markets in blockchain technology. We have also witnessed Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies gaining popularity.

Interest in blockchain technology is likely to grow with an increased push for blockchain adoption across industries. We aim to leverage this rising wave of intensive interest as we launch our blockchain platform.

While Google has been successful as a platform for information, and Alibaba as a platform for products, our platform is in the same category regarding value creation. Here, we stand at the forefront ready to lead the next technology revolution.

Since we launched our private Version Alpha in mid-2017, we have received overwhelming enquiries for partnership, distributorship and various forms of collaboration from Southeast Asia and UAE regions.

These enquiries are mainly from key industry players such as major system integrators, global tech giants, educational institutes and government innovation departments. Most have indicated interest to sign collaboration agreements once our commercialised version is ready.

User mission

We are focused on providing the best UI and experience for your development environment on the cloud. The aim is to disrupt current inefficient ways and processes of validating ideas by enabling rapid prototyping and avoiding unnecessary costs.

This is an integrated and one-stop platform for your development team, hassle free, with all resources ready to hand. After all, as a business owner, time should be spent on developing and designing a better idea or solution, not on sourcing tools or resources to build it.

In future articles of the Explained series we will discuss various other topics such as:

  • Platform Architecture
  • Token Use Cases
  • and many more…

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