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Morpheus Labs Welcomes Tsinghua University

The Institute of Financial Science and Technology of Tsinghua University began a week-long exploration tour of the Singapore blockchain. In this week, they visited relevant bodies of more than 20 blockchain companies and other blockchain industry participants to explore the applications of blockchain technology and its regulatory / research environment.

On July 11, we were very pleased to welcome the institute members which were able to meet Morpheus Labs Founder & CEO, Chuang Pei-Han and CTO Bruce Lu Yang. During this meeting they discussed various topics including business, strategy and future development of Morpheus Labs.

What’s Morpheus Labs?

Bruce Lu Yang told the visitors that Morpheus Labs mainly provides B2B services for various corporate customers through their enterprise-level blockchain platform. Morpheus Labs’ Blockchain Platform as a Service (BPaaS) provides an integrated blockchain platform for enterprise and individual developers to rapidly develop, test and deploy enterprise blockchain applications at a fraction of the cost. Simplify and accelerate the development of blockchain applications.

This platform supports various blockchain protocols and can help customers to carry out early development tests on the public chain in order to facilitate the development of blockchain-based applications. At the same time, Morpheus Labs is also open to individuals such as freelancers and start up entrepreneurs to utilize their ecosystem to develop decentralized applications.

Present & Future of Morpheus Labs

Currently, Morpheus Labs works with two key customers in the food safety and aircraft accessories industries and currently supports four blockchain protocols. Morpheus Labs’ target market is mainly located in Asia, such as China, South Korea and Singapore. Chuang Pei-Han said that Morpheus Labs’ main expansion strategy is channel sales, which is to seek cooperation from large influential dealers with numerous customers, such as Sure International (Member of Bahrain Telco group). Next, Morpheus Labs will focus on research and development of cross-chain technology, and will even launch a lightweight currency exchange platform.

Thoughts on the overall blockchain industry

Chuang Pei-Han compares the current blockchain industry with cars on a highway; there are various types of cars (blockchains) with different power, fuel consumption and specifications on the market today which require highways (Blockchain Infrastructure) to reach to destinations (Applications). While there is lacking in blockchain infrastructures hence all eco system is not efficient. Only when the road itself is built in a “car-agnostic” and friendly manner, the applications can run normally and on scale.

Referring to the development of sidechains in the blockchain industry, Chuang Pei-Han said that all companies are developing their own sidechain systems, and the market is currently in a state of full bloom. That is why Morpheus Labs will also conduct research and development for cross-chain technologies in the future.

Chuang Pei-Han, who previously worked in traditional banks, expressed his thoughts for technology companies to replace traditional banks. The main purpose of technology, in his view, is to help traditional banks and institutions do their business better.

Bruce Lu Yang worked at IBM before, which now has a blockchain-related business itself. Still, Bruce Lu Yang states, Morpheus Labs has a broader range of blockchain business than for example IBM and Microsoft, because big companies cannot support that many different blockchain protocols, but focus on few or even just one (i.e. IBM mainly uses the Hyperledger protocol)

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The Blockchain-Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS) for prototyping, deploying and operating Dapps at minimal cost and time. |

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The Blockchain-Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS) for prototyping, deploying and operating Dapps at minimal cost and time. |