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Riding Onto The Adoption Wave — Morpheus Labs Official Launch

Official Launch Event on 25 Jan 2019
  • Value of Blockchain Market
  • The Hype Chart of Blockchain Adoption
  • Adopting of Blockchains by Corporations/ Enterprises
  • Our Business Models and Validations by Partners
  • The Insights of Morpheus Labs Blockchain Platform
  • STO-As-A-Service (ICO-As-A-Service)
  • Questions & Answers
  • Networking and Reception
The Blockchain Market Share by Year 2030
Morpheus Labs COO, Branson Lee sharing on the Adoption Wave in years to come.
Morpheus Labs COO, Branson Lee sharing on the pain spots of Blockchain Tech.
Sharing on Partners’ Validations

The session also shared about the partnerships and the validations that we garnered as a business model.

Within the next few days, announcements will be made on the upcoming partnerships that will help to build a strong foundation for the coming challenges and also, support to facilitate the future of the economy.

Morpheus Labs CIO, Mr Dorel D Burcea showcasing the Blockchain Platform and Capabilities.
Showcasing the VeChain Blockchain Operations running on the Platform.
Sharing about ICO/ STO as a Service
Networking Session


The Stacks/ Subscription Tiers



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