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[Update] SmartDrop Campaign with QuarkChain

Dear Community,

We have received overwhelming responses from our Smartdrop campaign which ran from 6th March to 6th April. We want to thank all who participated.

Here is an Update on how the Smartdrop campaign went:

Total respondents: 36,452
Total Content Submissions: 3,447
Developer Registration: 884

Out of the 884 developer registrations, we will be selecting some of these developers to be our Product Council. These developers will be given priority access to our new features and modules as we continue to enhance our PaaS. They will also be called upon to help test the new features and in some cases, we will cross-check with this group as our product council.

We are doing the final tally of the 6 actions that will contribute to the final score:

A) POA Staking
B) Referrals
C) POA Content Submission (Blog/ Articles/ PR releases)
D) qPocket Downloads
E) POA Video
F) Twitter/ Telegram Actions

We have completed the calculations for 2 actions and we will work through the rest. We will complete the final tally by 7th May 2019 and subsequently, we will start sending out the tokens by batches.

We seek your patience in this and appreciate your kind understanding. We want to do this right and accurately.

Thank you,
Morpheus Labs Team



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Morpheus Labs Team

Morpheus Labs Team


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