CEO Dan Weinberger Demonstrates The Use Of Geofence Functionality

Nikhil Sethi
Feb 17 · 3 min read

In the latest video, CEO Dan Weinberger explains and demonstrates how to leverage the geofence functionality of the Morpheus.Network platform.

The geofence technology enables Supply Chain Managers to set a virtual fence or boundary around a physical geographical region. The virtual fence is set in a way that triggers alerts in case a vehicle, personnel, or any shipment or goods exits or enters the predetermined boundary.

The criticality of geofence technology can be measured in terms of real time visibility, optimal flexibility and dynamic possibilities based on reliable data.

Dan explained how geofence functionality can be easily configured in the Morpheus.Network platform. He points out the unique part of the functionality where IoT devices from our partners such as Hanhaa or Geotab, as well as RFID sensors, QR scans or even a GPS enabled mobile phone can be used to send real-time data to the platform in order to trigger predefined actions.

A large amount of varied data is collected from such devices which is further used in analysis and to draw insights on various events that occur within an automated supply chain workflow thus, empowering businesses with complete solutions.

This is clearly demonstrated in the video where a geofence trigger is configured following a few simple steps, based upon which predefined actions are triggered. For example, geofencing something as simple as the route of a shipment out for delivery, allows the concerned personnel to receive notifications if there is a deviation from the planned route, which could lead to a delay in the delivery time.

Dan speaks about the Hanhaa module which is used to configure the trigger. The module has been already set up in the Morpheus.Network workflow. Apart from providing geo locations, the tracking devices come loaded with interesting features like temperature shock and light sensitivity that help prevent theft for the black market by raising an alert notification.

Additionally, a simple click on the Digital Footprint button provides a clear and broader view of the points touched by the shipment within and outside the geofence area.

Tracking the shipments in real time with the aid of reliable data allows businesses to make proactive and informed decisions which lead to increased efficiency across the supply chain. Morpheus.Network is proud to have one of the most robust IoT-enabled supply chain platform, providing shipment and item visibility for automating safe and secure supply chains saving time and money.

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