Community AMA Video with CEO Dan Weinberger

Dan Weinberger, co-founder and CEO of Morpheus.Network, recently completed an AMA video answering questions from the community on Reddit. MRPH token holders took part in asking an assortment of questions regarding the Platform to Dan, which he happily replied on video.

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Shortened AMA Question & Answer Recap

0:35: What is the maximum coin supply?

  • Dan: The tokens will be burned shortly.

0:48: Where does the value of MRPH tokens come from?

  • Dan: As the number and value of transactions increases, the number of tokens needed to pay the transaction fees would also increase.

1:19: Does the platform buy-back MRPH tokens?

  • Dan: No.

1:24: What is the transaction fee?

  • Dan: Users pay a 1% transaction fee.

1:49: Why does Morpheus require KYC for token transactions?

  • Dan: KYC is required to ensure compliance with security regulators.

2:31: Does the platform use unique QR codes?

  • Dan: Yes.

2:46: When will the website be updated?

  • Dan: The website has been updated and there will be further updates in the future.

3:09: How easy is the platform to adopt?

  • Dan: We do everything we can to make the platform as accessible as possible.

4:08: Can we expect more exchanges next year?

  • Dan: Yes, we are in talks with centralized and decentralized exchanges of all sizes.

4:24: How many people are testing the platform?

  • Dan: The platform is undergoing live testing with roughly 12 companies.

4:44: When does testing go live?

  • Dan: We are currently running live tests.

5:43: Is there early access to the platform?

  • Dan: Early access is available for selected companies.

6:08: Will there be master nodes or token burning?

  • Dan: These details are to be determined, expect more updates in the near future.

6:47: What challenges do you expect to face and how do you plan to overcome them?

  • Dan: One of the platform’s biggest challenges is overcoming the fear of adopting new technologies, which starts with making it easy for companies to adopt and implement.

7:48: What is your competitive advantage?

  • Dan: The platform’s middleware approach gives it access to unique technologies and opportunities, and its ease of adoption sets it apart from competitors.

8:56: What advertising will you be doing?

  • Dan: The platform is heavily investing in advertising on a variety of channels.

9:49: What is the platform’s three-year projection?

  • Dan: Our goal is to increase adoption year-over-year, and we expect the platform to be continually improving and expanding over the next three years and well beyond.

10:59: What key intellectual property does MRPH have?

  • Dan: We have a domain name of course 😀 Copying our middleware approach, having intellectual property, we went down this road with patents, it’s actually a complicated, time consuming road […]

12:15: Are you in talks with Mercedes-Benz?

  • Dan: No, but we are in direct contact with businesses in the automotive vertical.

13:00: What have you learned from traveling in Malta, China, and Europe?

  • Dan: In China, I spoke to companies specifically about their supply chain. I’ve also had the opportunity to connect with industry leaders worldwide.

14:31: How is Karl doing lately?

  • Dan: Karl is doing great. We’re currently focusing on our relationship with our community and are doing everything we can to keep you updated on platform-related developments.

15:21: Will Morpheus.Network be back on exchanges HitBTC or Bancor?

  • Dan: MRPH liquidity is a major concern for us.

16:10: Is launch still set for Q1 2019?

  • Dan: Yes, the platform is still on track for an on-time launch.

16:36: How does the platform market to enterprises?

  • Dan: Our middleware approach is an important part of our pitch to interested companies. We also stress how easy it is to adopt the platform, with or without replacing legacy systems.

17:28: What relationships and partnerships have been important in the last year?

  • Dan: How we handled the hack and token swap strengthened our relationships; how other projects saw how we dealt with our swap had almost sett a standard with how to handle that type of situation.

18:21: How can the community help Morpheus?

  • Dan: Our community has provided us with important insights and we are always open to your ideas. Feel free to send your thoughts to the channel or email a member of our team.

19:31: How do you select companies to test the platform with?

  • Dan: At this stage, we’re looking for specific, individual functionality.

20:57: Are there plans for acquiring customers in Africa?

  • Dan: Our platform is perfectly suited for an African supply chain and we will pursue those opportunities in the coming years.

21:24: Does the recent news of IBM/Maersk’s inability to land clients affect Morpheus in any way?

  • Dan: No it does not. Our middleware approach is different than what they do. We will help IBM and all its investments into blockchain, and functionalities that IBM can provide — and passing that along as a top layer to other enterprises.

22:16: What are the benefits of Morpheus.Network over a company’s own product?

  • Dan: It is more cost-effective for individual businesses to work with an outside platform than to create something in-house.

Morpheus.Network is dedicated to improving global supply chain efficiencies and appreciates the role of the community in encouraging growth. Dan regularly answers community questions to ensure that our users are being updated with the latest team and project developments — so be sure to join us on Telegram and subscribe to our subreddit for the next AMA.

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