Community AMA Video with CEO Dan Weinberger — February 2021, Part 2

Nikhil Sethi
Feb 18 · 2 min read

Morpheus.Network CEO Dan Weinberger recently did another #AMA, answering some great questions from our community! Check out the entire video here or keep reading for the key points from each answer.

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Part 1: Community AMA Video with CEO Dan Weinberger — February 2021

Morpheus.Network is dedicated to improving global supply chain efficiencies and appreciates the role of the community in encouraging growth. Dan regularly answers community questions to ensure that our users are being updated with the latest team and project developments — so be sure to join us on Telegram and subscribe to our subreddit for the next AMA.

AMA Questions

0:13 — SEC and regulations.

0:54 — Short-term roadmap (Q1-Q2 2021) for the tokenomics aspect.

1:55 — Morpheus.Network tools on SAP App Center.

2:18 —All transactions holding the information about a product are updating 3-times a day to reduce the gas fees? If this is correct, will this affect real-time data such as registering live temperature data in a truck?

3:06 —Future role and benefits of small investors in supporting the project.

3:39 — Duration of the Liquidity Program

4:03 — Chinese market and the new partnership

5:03 — Things with FCL and plans to move into other verticals.

5:42 — Baseline protocol, Unibright and Github entry

6:41 — Update on the ‘Pet Food company’(Vital Can)

About Morpheus.Network:

Digital. Integrated. Automated Global Supply Chains.

We optimize supply chains. This is accomplished with our SaaS middleware platform seamlessly integrating legacy and emerging technologies while providing supply chain managers with a Digital Footprint, providing shipment and item visibility for automating safe and secure supply chains saving time and money.

You can visit our website or contact us today to verify the benefits of leveraging your contacts for cost-effectively automating global supply chains. To know more about global supply chain optimization, get in touch today.

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