Customer Pilot: Top-tier Transport, Rigging, And Engineering Specialist, Erickson’s, Implements Morpheus.Network For Automated Compliance

Nov 26 · 3 min read

Morpheus.Network is conducting a number of pilot runs and presenting case studies on the basis of experience with real customers. Our objective is to showcase the scope of our platform’s adaptable and flexible nature, in collaboration with a range of worldwide organizations. We work intimately with these companies to automate and optimize the business and logistical processes, customized to their supply chain management needs.


Erickson’s is one of the leading service providers in the arena of specialized transport, machinery moving, plant outages, heavy-lift rigging, warehousing, integrated project solutions, specialty devices’ marine load-ins and load-outs and more.

Erickson’s considers its clients as an invaluable resource and thus provides value-added solutions to ensure successful operations. The company promises commitment to safety, access to competent personnel and innovative tools. Owing to this ideology, the company has been able to emerge as an ideal single-source specialty contractor for its customers.


As a specialized engineering and transport service provider, Erickson’s needed all the more dominant supply chain management practices to improve proficiency and simplify their logistics process. They were seeking a solution to help them deal more efficiently with any cross-border activity.

With a fast-growing network and limited workforce, the main issue that the organization faced was to generate an array of documentation in compliance with the international standards.

Solution and Value Creation

Our first step was to understand the specific needs of Erickson’s, on the basis of which we presented an adaptable and robust supply chain management solution. Morpheus.Network helped them to automate the generation of compliance documentation, which enabled them to attain smooth clearance across the border importing into the United States. A geo-tracking framework based on QR-code was also implemented in their system that aided in bringing complete transparency and the advantage of live tracking for each shipment.

“Adding an automated documentation system to our business enabled us to centralize all the data. This made it easier for us to create, review, distribute, and manage all the necessary documents. Since document control is a constant process, automating that process has made our workflow so much smoother and simpler,” said Steven Erickson, CEO with Erickson’s.

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to apply the Morpheus.Network platform to another real use case, and we had the opportunity to see Erickson’s leverage the platform for improved supply chain efficiency and transparency. Follow our Medium page to stay updated with other use cases and all Morpheus.Network news.

For more customer pilots:

  • Ji’nan North Machinery — Chinese producer of robot auxiliary equipment
  • Century-Tech — NYC-based manufacturer and distributor of plastic bag converting machines
  • Xinlei — Chinese producer of air compressors shipped globally
  • Afriwork — Geotracking shipments across Africa
  • Yi-Lift — Chinese industrial equipment shipped globally
  • Guilin Measuring & Cutting Tool Co. — one of the four biggest manufacturers of measuring instruments & tools in China
  • Morgan Li — A premier store and hotel furniture solutions provider.
  • Supermaly — Located in Weifang city, also known as ‘Power City of China’, is a Hi-tech enterprise
  • Brock air products — Full-service manufacturer’s representative in the commercial air distribution market.
  • Hoosier Feeder — The leader in custom vibratory and centrifugal feeder systems, headquartered in Knightstown, Indiana.
  • Nantong №5 Machine tool — Nantong №5 Machine Tool works seated at the side of the old Tongyang River and has a powerful technical force.

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Full-service, global, automated, supply chain platform with an integrated cryptocurrency payment system utilizing blockchain.


Full-service, global, automated, supply chain platform with an integrated cryptocurrency payment system utilizing blockchain.

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