Dev Update #5: End of Swap + Upcoming Airdrop News

End of the Token Swap

After many months of hard work by the team at Morpheus.Network, we’re happy to announce that the token swap has been completed. Livecoin, IDAX, IDEX, and LA Token users should already have received your MRPH tokens. Hotbit users will receive MRPH tokens from Hotbit shortly. HitBTC users that are eligible for the swap have been notified via email, and will receive their MRPH tokens after completion of KYC.

For those that have not received tokens, our support team can help you resolve the situation. Contact them at Please mail us before Oct 31st, as we will be closing the swap for all users by Nov 30th.

For those who have received an email and would like to discuss the token swap in detail, you can also reach out to Steve directly via email:, or on Telegram: @SteveLuu.

Airdrop Incoming!

As our loyal MRPH token holders know, Morpheus.Network has always made its community a top priority. With the completion of the token swap, we will also complete the first airdrop — rewarding all of our MRPH token holders who have helped make everything possible.

What’s an Airdrop?

Airdrops work on a simple premise: you’ll be rewarded with MRPH tokens based on the number of tokens you hold in your registered wallet, and the length of time you’ve held them there. Plus, you’ll receive additional bonus tokens by holding your tokens in your registered wallet between the scheduled airdrop dates. You can read more about the airdrop here.

Upcoming Airdrop Details

For Airdrop 1, we will use the snapshot of June 15, 2018. Information on the upcoming and subsequent airdrops will be announced shortly.

We are grateful to everyone who has supported Morpheus.Network and we’re excited to spread the love to everyone in the community!