Earn More MORPH Tokens: Morpheus.Network Airdrop!

Update: Please complete your Airdrop KYC here.

Morpheus.Network has always been community first, so the team has agreed that the best way to reward contributors is to host an airdrop for all MORPH token holders!

What’s the Morpheus.Network airdrop?

It’s simple: the more MORPH tokens you hold and the longer you hold them, the more MORPH tokens you will earn during the airdrop. By holding all of your tokens in your wallet, you’ll receive additional MORPH tokens during the scheduled airdrop dates.

How many MORPH tokens will be included during the airdrop?

The total amount of MORPH tokens to be airdropped is 1,800,000. Tokens distribution will be segmented into 7 separate phases between now and mid-2019.

When is the airdrop and what bonuses will be included?

The airdrop will be split up into 7 different phases, beginning with the largest airdrop on June 15th, 2018:

For example:

  • 1,000,000 MORPH tokens have been registered for June 15th’s airdrop, which has 360,000 total tokens that can be airdropped.
  • John, a registered airdrop holder, has 100,000 MORPH — which accounts for 10% of total registered tokens.
  • Airdrop #1: Because John owns 10% of the total 360,000 tokens from the first airdrop, he’ll receive 36,000 MORPH tokens. John now holds 136,000 MORPH tokens.
  • Bonus #1: Since John registered early for the first airdrop on June 15th, he’s able to receive an additional 10% bonus to his airdrop payout, which equates to 3,600 tokens. John now holds 139,600 MORPH tokens.
  • Bonus #2: Assuming John holds onto his MORPH tokens between the first and second airdrop, John will receive an additional 5% bonus to his airdrop payout, which equates to 1,800 tokens. John will potentially hold 141,400 MORPH tokens by the second airdrop.
  • Moving your tokens between airdrops makes you ineligible to receive the additional 5% bonus.

How do I participate in the airdrop?

Participation is simple. Register for the airdrop and let us know your wallet address. Keep MORPH tokens in your wallet — the more the better :) You can register up until the day of the airdrop. You must register for separately for each airdrop! There is also an extra 5% airdrop bonus for holding registered tokens from one airdrop to the next.

If you register for the June 15 airdrop before May 28th you’ll receive an extra 10% bonus!

  1. Ensure your MORPH tokens are stored in your ERC-20 wallet.
  2. Complete the airdrop registration process by registering your ERC-20 wallet that holds your MORPH tokens.
  3. Once approved, the percentage of registered tokens that you hold will then apply towards the percentage of the airdrop you’ll receive.
  4. Continue holding your registered MORPH tokens in your wallet to receive an additional 5% airdrop bonus during the next airdrop date.

The higher volume of MORPH tokens you hold, the more MORPH you’ll receive from the airdrop — simple as that.

Registration for the FIRST June 15th airdrop is now open!

Complete the form anytime during the registration period and ensure your tokens are in your registered wallet on June 15th (or the other drop dates) in order to receive the airdrop


KYC verification is mandatory to participate in Airdrop. Please fill out the quick KYC form: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/morpheusairdrop

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Many thanks to our incredible community and we look forward to airdropping you the love soon!

For more information, visit https://morpheus.network. You can also connect with the Morpheus Network on Telegram, Twitter, Medium, Reddit and Facebook.