Hello Community!

Here are some more details and steps we’re taking in transitioning from the old MORPH tokens to the new MRPH tokens.

We have requested that all exchange trading be paused and for MORPH token holders to halt trading.

How will you get the new MRPH tokens?

We have a simple form that you will need to fill out, in which you will provide your wallet information which holds the old MORPH tokens. We will take this information and verify all transaction information for you.

Once we receive your information, we will begin the process of analyzing your wallet to confirm the status of your tokens. Our goal is to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and that holders of genuine MORPH tokens (i.e., ones not generated during the hack) are put in the same position they were in as if the hack had never happened. All others will be analyzed and distributions will be made on a case by case basis.

It is essential for everyone to fill out this form.

We have a huge team working together on this to ensure we resolve this correctly, and we thank you for your continued patience.

We pulled in the expertise of various experts as well as leveraged the contacts and resources of our amazing team of advisors. We are so impressed with our team and our partners and the exchanges and everyone involved for working with us so we can resolve this efficiently and correctly. Most of all, thank you to our awesome community.

We request that every token holder fill out the form (above), where you will be asked to provide your wallet details and other basic information for our team to verify.

We will be providing regular updates to our community. We understand how important it is to ensure you get timely information. Please ensure you are part of the Telegram community to receive updates:

Thank you for being an amazing community!