Introducing Morpheus.Network Black!

Nikhil Sethi
Apr 5 · 14 min read

We have reached a new milestone in our development — Morpheus.Network has evolved into an enterprise grade, next generation global supply chain ecosystem. In close collaboration with our partners, we have drastically upgraded our platform’s capabilities since the commercial launch in 2019. Morpheus.Network Black represents the culmination of years of development, successful enterprise grade implementations across the globe, an expansion of our use cases and token utility, and a giant leap towards our goal of global adoption. In this article, we will discuss some of these advancements on a summary level.

Our official Blackpaper contains greater detail:

Morpheus.Network Black Solutions

We have an army of developers working behind the scenes around the clock to continuously add new features and functionalities to our global platform software. They work very closely with our technology and business partners to add new integrations and subsequently build solutions around them. Some of these solutions include our Document Handling System, Digital ID, Fraud Prevention Protocol, and Big Data Analytics.

Document Handling System

Morpheus.Network has developed a Document Handling System to enable immutable documentation of production, processing, and all subsequent handling stages in digital format. Through a partnership with Customs Direct — a U.S. Customs Broker — our platform can generate, digitize and store custom documentation to facilitate cross-border shipments. All documentation can be generated and attached directly to the order/supply chain workflow and easily exchanged between all parties.

Digital ID

Morpheus.Network helps vendors establish full transparency within their supply chain. Products are equipped with unique digital identifiers at the production level using a QR code — or any other preferred scanning technology like RFID, Barcodes or NFC — as the identifier. By combining this identifier with unique product data from other data sources like the ERP system, our platform creates digital identities of products. In outbound logistics, distributors and retailers can scan the product upon receipt and at the point of sale, while connecting information to the unique identity of the product. By storing all information immutably on blockchain, an effective protection mechanism against plagiarism is created.

Fraud Prevention Protocol

We joined the “Co-Innovated with SAP” program to certify our Fraud Prevention Protocol (FPP) running SAP infrastructure. The program provides access to resources; services, certification, and GTM benefits that will help us to develop a successful partnership. SAP domain experts were particularly interested in bringing this product to market. It fills a white space in their portfolio and will bring fraud protection and enhanced track and trace to their global customer base. The solution will complement the existing SAP Global Track and Trace.

Big Data Analytics

Bringing all supply chain related datasets into one architecture and format gives our platform the chance to create a holistic monitoring interface for supply chain performance and deploy efficient algorithms for optimization. The platform features an in-built dashboard to track the flow of single SKUs from production to end-user across all handovers and touchpoints. It also integrates alert functions in case of unexpected deviations or delays in shipments to immediately inform supply chain managers of potential problems.

However, our ultimate goal is to not only provide reactive alerts but to design proactive measures that allow action-taking before a disturbance becomes a problem. We achieve this by feeding all datasets into analytics tools and building algorithms with our customers that constantly optimize the performance of workflows. This is where the strength of our platform to bring all relevant datasets into a uniform machine-readable format is leveraged, as it guarantees that AI, ML or RPA algorithms are built on trusted and uniform datasets, ultimately improving the result of deployment.

Morpheus.Network Black Implementations

We are incredibly proud of our vast network of clients — Fortune 100’s, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and National Governments have all joined our network in order to realize their common goals of an efficient, flexible, digitized, and blockchain based supply chain. Each client is unique, requiring specific integrations, platform dashboards and custom development to meet and exceed their requirements. For every new implementation, Morpheus.Network Black’s value proposition becomes more robust as the solutions can be leveraged by other clients using our platform. Some of our major client implementations include Phytosanitary Compliance for SENASA, Trusted Digital Footprint for Vitalcan, and our Food and Beverage Certification Handling System for FCL Cooperative.

Phytosanitary Compliance for SENASA

Agribusiness is a huge sector in Argentina accounting for 60% of GDP — a whopping $60 billion per annum. Jorge Marcos Madrid, director of Polaris Network, has partnered with Morpheus.Network to regulate and automate phytosanitary solutions across Argentina. Jorge sees Morpheus.Network as a timely platform to market, support, and onboard clients in the country.

According to Jorge, SENASA officials are very open to bringing the country forward. As of November 2020, it is now SENASA’s newly accepted best practice and norm for all companies handling phytosanitary materials to comply by agreeing to leverage the Morpheus.Network platform.

Polaris & Morpheus.Network have agreed on the 1st project on phytosanitary with SENASA and now are looking at the 2nd project based on blockchain and IoT to bring the country forward with animal management and certification.

The issue lies in transporting pesticides safely across the country which is used by farmers to clear land of all vegetation. It currently cannot be safely transported in bulk as there are too many potential issues regarding the misuse, loss, or theft of the product.

The pilot survey was conducted by Polaris and Morpheus.Network which will allow the pesticide to be delivered in bulk where they can track the product as required by regulations up to and including its geolocation at all times using Morpheus.Network automated workflows with a customized IoT module. There is a dashboard to give SENASA access to the locations and time stamping; so if there is any deviation from the planned route, an alert is sent out to SENASA.

An essential part of the implementation includes leveraging IoT devices on 400 trucks to transmit data including the geolocation, timestamp, and flow meter readings from the 30,000L tank trailers while being filled with glyphosate material. All these essential data will be validated on the blockchain in real-time through Morpheus.Network platform.

There will be an immediate impact on the 100,000 farmers who use this product as they will no longer need to receive the pesticide in fifty individual 20-liter plastic bags. This poses an immediate cost saving of between 25% and 30% in the initial delivery costs of a market worth $600 million.

It also alleviates the requirement on the largest phytosanitary companies like Bayer / Monsanto and Atanor to provide reverse logistics to retrieve the empty plastic bags as required under Argentinian law. Another major aspect of the SENASA implementation includes deploying 20,000 IoT devices to track intermediate bulk containers (“IBC bins”) for producers such as Atanor and Bayer.

Trusted Digital Footprint for Vitalcan

We are proudly working with Vitalcan, which manages thousands of shipments by land and sea every month, including inbound shipments for raw materials and packaging, and outbound shipments throughout Argentina and to other countries. Vitalcan uses the Morpheus.Network workflow builder for automating nutritional solutions that fall under the regulatory framework for Agri-Food compliance. The platform allows them to track and trace each step of the process and includes the creation of a unique QR code for each shipment, enabling key stakeholders to add digitized documents and data to shipments in real-time.

Through hardware integrations with best in class IoT providers such as Geotab, Hanhaa and Digital Matter, the Morpheus.Network platform can receive real-time condition (temperature, humidity, shock, etc.) and location information for customer shipments.

Prior to using Morpheus.Network, Vitalcan sent a shipment from Argentina to Indonesia that resulted in a large loss for the company. Because they had no information about the status of their product during shipping (temperature, humidity, shock, location), they were unable to determine what went wrong and could no longer justify shipping goods to that region.

Now that Vitalcan is using the Morpheus.Network platform, they have real-time insight into the condition and location of every shipment from the beginning of its journey to the end. This has allowed them to resume service to Indonesia as well as expand to China and Hong Kong.

Food and Beverage Certification Handling System for FCL Cooperative

We also work with Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL) to maintain its complex supplier document management system for the grocery store vertical across Canada, linking hundreds of suppliers. This replaces a largely manual process where thousands of regulatory certifications and documents from more than 150 suppliers are collected and managed by FCL, all needing to be scanned, validated, processed and tracked. The new solution automates the management of documents from each supplier and provides a self-service portal for suppliers in the integrated Document Handling System.

Morpheus.Network Black Expanded Use Cases

Over the last few years, we have actively engaged in multiple pilots across different verticals. We are always searching for new use cases where our platform can make a positive impact. Our newly launched, publicly available Software Development Kit (SDK) should accelerate our already rapid pace of development. Since the launch of Morpheus.Network Blue two years ago, we have expanded our reach into, among others, the pharmaceutical, port management, banking and trade finance (TradeFi) industries.

Pharmaceutical Use Case

Pharma supply chains are a sensitive area of application, as they follow strict regulations and disruptions in the supply network ultimately put patients at risk. Morpheus.Network has created a solution to provide Total Pharmacovigilance by using data to monitor the safety of medical drugs/medicines from source to consumer and enabling transparency in the distribution process with modules for the respective process steps. Our solution encompasses testing/approval, production and distribution of regulated substances, giving clients a one-stop shop architecture for their supply chain needs.

At the end of the supply chain, we have implemented the Morpheus.Network Total Vigilant Solution mandatory questionnaire. Patients using the end-products are asked questions regarding the effectiveness of the product and report any experienced side effects.

To add to this, we have developed management tools for hospitals, that include load balancing and maintenance of DME (Durable Medical Equipment). Our goal is to assist clinic operators with ensuring that their equipment is properly maintained and reduce sunk costs from unused equipment with a novel intra-hospital lending solution.

Banking and Trade Finance (TradeFi) Use Case

About 80–90% of world trade relies on TradeFi, but the availability to receive TradeFi is not uniform by geography or company size. Access to TradeFi in developing countries is a clear non-tariff barrier to entry. Exporters and importers from the least-developed countries tend to pay very high fees, which increase their costs of trade. Morpheus.Network provides a solution to address major inefficiencies with typical receipt, acceptance, matching and payment processes by providing a transparent and trusted “Digital Ready” Supply Chain.

We have designed modules to solve the underlying issues, including Digital Documentation processes, automated real-time inventory and reports of product damage and receipt management of acceptable products using ePOD. Our platform offers significant efficiency gains and savings on the execution of TradeFi credit to bolster working capital: 24/7 availability ensures documents, data and events are captured in real-time and sent to Banks, Financial Institutions and Software Platforms for immediate action. Precise and Timely Information from SME and Sub IG Sellers and Buyers creates new credit opportunities while mitigating higher lender risk.

Port Management Use Case

The world economy relies on fast, efficient and failsafe supply chains. Port management is a key pillar of global commerce that ensures the timely delivery of international shipments.

Effective port management and maritime commerce can be broken down into three distinct categories — document management, international payments, and hardware device connectivity. Manual documents, data and event silos create delays and bottlenecks in the port and decrease efficiency. These inefficiencies are compounded by tools like email which we believe is an outdated technology that needs to be removed from the supply chain process immediately. Traditional banking relies on reactionary triggers and human inputs — manual notifications are sent to stakeholders who then initiate the financial transactions. Finally, data from different IoT devices without an effective bridge to a single platform prevents the full potential for AI / ML algorithms to provide game-changing insights.

Our platform effectively brings all three categories together in one fully automated, digital and immutable workflow. We specifically focus on developing integrations that are relevant to the supply chain and serve them up as modules that can be executed within a workflow. Our unique Workflow Builder makes it easy to add modules that digitize information flows, send notifications, execute payments, track shipments using GPS and IoT data, auto-generate compliance documentation, etc. All critical maritime commerce and port management functions can be digitized and automated by our platform.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Together with our new platform release, we will also offer a new Software Development Kit (SDK). This allows third-party developers to build modules on our platform. The Morpheus.Network Black SDK is a testnet version of the Morpheus.Network platform that allows third-party companies and developers to create and test their own custom modules. If custom solutions pass our rigorous security audits and quality standards, we will add them to the main platform that everyone can benefit from.

Our goal is to make the platform highly extendable to ensure that features and functions can be easily adapted to all use cases. Our SDK is already in use by our partners, such as Polaris.Network in Argentina as part of our collaboration with SENASA as well as with Maxianet Inc. in the US.

Morpheus.Network Black Token Utility

When using Morpheus.Network, every step in the supply chain represents an event that is conditionally triggered based on the actionable datasets created. This is where the MRPH token comes into play.

The MRPH token is the fuel of Morpheus.Network’s automation platform. It allows predetermined events to be executed as smart contracts (currently on the Ethereum network), e.g., creating shipping & customs documents or eliciting international payments. Tokens can be used as a value-based utility (i.e. cash), or to pay transaction fees for data notarization and transmission.

In our pursuit to provide a unified communication layer between different systems and blockchain protocols, Morpheus.Network grants an abstraction layer that leverages multiple distinct and disparate platforms in one place. The MRPH tokens are the currency used to cover the costs associated with operating the platform for data storage, notarization and exchange. From a user standpoint, MRPH tokens are used to “pay” for two key functions of the platform: firstly, automating processes that had to be done manually before, thereby saving time and money; secondly, notarizing all transactions/datasets in an immutable ledger for all parties to create a single source of truth and converting information into a common machine-readable data format.

Clients utilizing Morpheus.Network’s automated Workflow Builder and Process Orchestration Engine pay a standardized SaaS fee. A percentage of the SaaS fee is used on the backend of the Platform for notarizing the completed modules on the Ethereum Mainnet and another percentage is converted into MRPH and used to hash critical supply chain data to the Ethereum blockchain, thus creating an immutable audit trail of all the completed events that occurred throughout the supply chain lifecycle.

MRPH tokens will be used by the Platform to compensate participants in the Morpheus.Network ecosystem, including Morpheus.Network Solution Providers, Module Developers and those involved in helping to secure and optimize the network including Masternode operators.

Ethereum was chosen based on its native ability to process smart contracts and the fact that it is one of the most secure and widely recognized decentralized networks. However, there exists a need to address specific Ethereum-based issues. Some of the significant problems include a limited volume of transactions processed per second and thus the critical need for interoperability. Currently, the Ethereum mainnet can only handle approximately 15 transactions per second. To resolve this issue, the Morpheus.Network platform will be able to leverage masternodes, which are capable of performing instantaneous transactions in high volumes utilizing interoperable sidechains.

As we will be integrating a sidechain architecture for private networks and scalability, clients can become a functional part of the network by operating validator nodes should they wish to do so. Lastly, with our marketplace for custom-built modules, our clients will be able to monetize the development efforts they put into creating new modules. Within the module store, MPRH tokens will become an integral part for managing the ecosystem (similar to an App-Store).

The Journey Ahead

The first five years of Morpheus.Network have been an incredible journey. What started with an idea from two childhood friends has grown into a mature, robust platform that is transforming supply chains all over the world with revolutionary solutions. With the help of our ever-expanding global network of partners, platform resellers, ambassadors, developers, and our community — we are continually engaging new industries and growing at an exponential rate. We can’t wait to see what the next five years has in store!

At Morpheus.Network we are hyper-focused on helping companies eliminate supply chain inefficiencies and optimizing and automating supply chain processes. To learn more please visit or contact us today to verify the benefits of leveraging our platform.

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