Max Interamericas That Serves More Than 25 Countries And Several Key CPG Categories Has Signed An Agreement With Morpheus.Network To Deliver Best-In-Class Compliance Workflows

Nikhil Sethi
Nov 17 · 4 min read
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“The collaboration with Morpheus.Network highlights our ongoing commitment to providing transparency in the supply chain and product visibility at all times, both for our client brands and our distribution partners,” explains Eric Gomez, Vice President of Max InterAmericas.

Max InterAmericas, best known for solving market challenges for brands like Maruchan (ramen noodles) and Stone Brewing (craft beer), has continuously evolved by forming strategic partnerships and leveraging the latest supply chain technologies.

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“Our focus is to generate revenue and achieve market leadership for our global partners. We initially chose Morpheus.Network because their tracking portals allowed us to analyze shipping delays, SLA costs, and logistics cycles.” — Eric Gomez, Vice President of Max InterAmericas.

Max InterAmericas was seeking a solution that could digitize and safeguard data, achieve international compliance requirements, and automate supply chain workflows as the company grows.

“We set goals to refine our workflows in Morpheus.Network to drive more efficient inventory management, and reduce cash flow cycles. The outcome has been an overall reduction in working capital requirements for us and our partners. Morpheus.Network’s Digital FootPrint technology is revolutionizing the way today’s companies track and access supply chain data via sophisticated blockchain applications.”

Morpheus.Network Middleware Platform Supports Key Stakeholders

Morpheus.Network provided the supply chain middleware to support all stakeholders in a true end-to-end process. How did the project get started?

“With help from the Morpheus.Network team, we mapped our processes to understand bottle necks, critical information flows, and the added value of each interaction,” explains Scotty Smith, Data Management Analyst.

Max InterAmericas deployed the Morpheus.Network workflow builder and process orchestration engine to develop their outbound workflows, integrate with other technology providers for merchandising, and to automate shipping transactions. For Max InterAmericas’ subsidiary, maxiaNET and it’s proprietary cold-chain FreshTechTM program, this also included real time IoT (Internet of Things) integration for their growing roster of chilled and frozen products.

Morpheus.Network’s Live-Tracking portals now enable Max InterAmericas to seamlessly track processes by activity, document, and event. This gives Max InterAmericas the freedom to work with a wider range of categories without compromising compliance across 25+ markets.

A final thought comes from Karl McDermott, Global Head of Business Development, Morpheus.Network:

“This partnership represents our shared commitment to transparency, productivity, and compliance. Digitization is key to building resilient supply chains and we welcome Max InterAmericas to the Morpheus.Network platform.”

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About Morpheus.Network

The cloud-based middleware platform for Digitizing the Supply Chain. Morpheus.Network provides shippers and exporters with a complete set of tools including PO Acquisition (SAP), Workflows and Process Orchestration, Robust Document Collaboration and Exchange, Visibility Foundation based on Internet of Things (IoT), A Digital Footprint Blockchain Notary Service for optimizing safe and secure supply chains saving time and money.

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About Maxia

Max InterAmericas (San Diego, CA) is an international brand development and distribution company with three partnership objectives: generate revenue, mitigate risk, and ensure brand integrity. Specializing in South, Central, and North American markets, we purchase and re-distribute products, managing all aspects of strategy, marketing, finance, logistics, compliance, distribution, pricing, and business intelligence. Using a network of 80+ partners across 25+ markets, MAX sits in the center of brand owners, distribution partners, logistics providers, and retail partners, creating aligned and resilient supply chains, from production to consumption.

Contact: Karl McDermott, Head Of Global Business Development, Morpheus.Network, karl@Morpheus.Network 1–877–771–8222

Request a software demo to learn how the Morpheus.Network platform can solve your supply chain challenges:

You can visit our website or contact us today to verify the benefits of leveraging your contacts for cost-effectively automating global supply chains. To know more about global supply chain optimization, get in touch today.

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