Morpheus.Network Announces Collaboration with Holochain!

Dec 10, 2018 · 4 min read

Morpheus.Network is excited to announce its upcoming partnership with Holo, the team behind Holochain, a framework for distributed apps that prioritizes the creation of a more open internet that gives power back to individual users. The team believes that Holochain can be an invaluable resource in real-world applications for platform users.

Like Morpheus.Network, Holochain is made possible by a team with experience in a wide range of relevant fields. Holochain is helping produce success for many large and small applications. The two organizations have many common goals, including their shared focus on using decentralization to increase efficiency and accessibility.

Dan Weinberger, co-founder and CEO of Morpheus.Network, recently gave a statement on the new partnership: “As a team, we look forward to working with Holo to realize our shared goals. Holochain is helping so many other applications succeed and we believe this opportunity will be invaluable to Morpheus.Network and its users.

From Holo’s executive team, David Atkinson has stated that, “Morpheus.Network is an exciting and ambitious project that has the potential to significantly affect the international supply chain. We hope that Holochain can help their team achieve that goal using our framework.”

Holochain allows for transparency, accountability, and immutability, like blockchain, but without the inefficiencies of requiring everyone to agree upon and hold duplicate copies of a single global ledger. Instead, Holochain is agent-centric, with each user holding on to a copy of their own actions and making backup copies of others. Transactions are countersigned by each party with cryptographic keys, then validated by peers in a distributed hash table — like a hybrid of the technology underlying GitHub and BitTorrent.

Holochain is a perfect framework for supply chain optimization because of its efficiency, customizeability and ease of use. Importantly, Holochain supports offline transactions, as well as data from even low capacity IOT devices. Companies are able to receive credentials and certificates from one application and share them into another, thus bridging between different relationships and creating an ecosystem of information flows. In addition, anyone can include outside sources of information ranging from temperature readings to satellite imagery. Plus no cryptocurrency or mining is required. Instead, the cost of participating in a holochain application is just a small amount of computing work done by each user’s phone or computer — roughly offsetting their own use.

Our supply chain middleware automates workflows and removes barriers between parties and process steps in logistics and payments. By integrating different emerging technologies from IoT, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, Morpheus.Network offers a top layer for existing platforms to leverage our supply chain technology within their own ecosystem.

Product Use Case

A sandwich producer provides artisanal gourmet sandwiches which include a digital certificate for their food. They are a premium supplier to a potential client.

A digital label is added with allergen information on each individual product to help ensure consumer safety, create awareness, and align with regulatory compliance in the UK. This also improves the consumer experience by providing information on a product’s origin, the supply chain, and merchandising. A common trend with consumers — especially millennials — is that they are very interested in the story of food from farm to fork.

A digital certificate for food safety is created on the sidechain. Consumers use the loyalty platform to create a personalized “allergen profile”. Consumers can scan the QR code at the point of purchase for safety, awareness, and compliance.

The data included is, but not limited to:

  • Product Description: e.g. Chicken breast on white bread
  • Ingredients
  • Allergy Information
  • Freshness Commitment
  • Storage
  • Warnings and Cautions.
  • Farm or Producer
  • Supply Chain

In-store Use Case

Further use cases can be developed for users of supply chain tracking and tracing in-store merchandising.

Co-developed by Holochain and Morpheus.Network, the Customer Experience module adds a digital product label with allergen information to each individual product. Morpheus.Network’s platform integrates farm or producer, supply chain, and in-store events, and is connected to numerous PID APIs using the Lingo format, as well as Content Distribution Platforms such as Akami. Results are combined, formatted, and compared to the data provided to the client’s loyalty platform.

In scenarios where product has a limited shelf life, integrating custom modules that enable temperature monitors becomes a necessary component for businesses such as the client. Making use of Morpheus.Network to handle payments and delivery fulfillment ensures faster deliveries while minimizing potential problems that may occur unexpectedly while mapping out a digital fingerprint for each labelled product.

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Full-service, global, automated, supply chain platform with an integrated cryptocurrency payment system utilizing blockchain.


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Full-service, global, automated, supply chain platform with an integrated cryptocurrency payment system utilizing blockchain.


Full-service, global, automated, supply chain platform with an integrated cryptocurrency payment system utilizing blockchain.

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