Morpheus.Network Lands Partnership With Award-Winning SWIFT Payment Platform AccessPay

Today we’re announcing that we have partnered with award-winning payment processing platform, AccessPay!

AccessPay, one of the UK’s fastest growing tech companies, is the recent winner of the SWIFT Global GPI Industry Challenge, and represents a vital step forward along the road to the radical transformation of global shipping and supply logistics. Having increased revenue by 497% over the past four years, AccessPay provides payment services to Stena Line, one of the world’s largest ferry operators, and AA, Britain’s largest motoring organisation.

AccessPay’s partnership with Morpheus.Network is a game-changer for global shipping and supplies, and has the potential to radically improve how goods are transferred; scaling back inefficiencies, saving money and bolstering economic growth in the process. With AccessPay’s ample skill and experience, Morpheus.Network platform users can expect a stronger end-to-end experience, while supporters can rest assured that best practices in global trade will be implemented top down.

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