Morpheus.Network Rebrand & New Website Announcement!

As a company, Morpheus.Network has grown and evolved at a rapid pace. Behind the scenes of each product feature and partnership announcement, the entire team at Morpheus.Network has worked steadfastly towards the common goal of decentralizing global trade.

We’re excited to unveil Morpheus.Network’s new rebrand and website!

Born from a successful token sale, the new Morpheus.Network gives a nod to the roots that the community has helped us develop, by introducing an exciting new rebrand that puts the focus on simplicity in the supply chain.

  • New Website — We’re excited to introduce Morpheus.Network’s website 2.0! The new website brings a polished, corporate edge, fit for importers, exporters, and the trade companies in-between. Check it out here.
  • New Logo —It’s like peanut butter: less crunch, more smooth. Our new logo signifies the future of Morpheus.Network with diamond-like cuts that showcase brilliance and finish.
  • New Color — While we’re sticking with Morpheus.Network blue, we’ve cooled things off with a consistent shade that’s easier on the eyes.
  • New Imagery — One of the most exciting aspects of the rebrand is tying our work with our customers. From shipyards to transport, Morpheus.Network looks to put our customers front and center with visuals that relate.
  • New Social Branding — We’ve updated all of our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages to reflect the rebrand.

We’re excited to share the next stage of our evolution with our community. You can view the new website at You can also leave us your feedback on Telegram too.

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