Morpheus.Network Selected for Plug and Play Supply Chain Program

We are proud to announce that Morpheus.Network has been chosen by Plug and Play to join their Supply Chain Program after Batch Four selection week was finalized in February 7th. Morpheus.Network was among a total of 22 startups selected for the 12-week Supply Chain Innovation Program, the most extensive end-to-end program worldwide. The final 40 startups that participated in selection week were chosen from an original pool of 500. Morpheus.Network thanks Plug and Play and their corporate partners for their vote of confidence.

The Supply Chain Program involves a 12-week collaboration between upcoming startups and established corporate partners, working on specific business opportunities, providing mentorship, office space, and pitch days with VCs and investment partners. It culminates with a one week exposition at Plug and Play’s global headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA, where Morpheus.Network will present the results achieved throughout the Program.

“ In Q&A there was a great deal of interest in the use cases and we want to use these 12 weeks to leverage the Plug and Play ecosystem and validate the use cases with anchor and corporate partners such as DHL, BASF and Exxon-Mobil,” says Karl McDermott, Global Head of Business Development at Morpheus.Network. “ We are already working in the Bay Area with SAP and Thin Film on fraud prevention to reduce black market, grey market, third party and counterfeit products and have invited PVH and L’Oreal to validate the business case and test our platform.”

Morpheus.Network offers a radical improvement upon the actual experience of supply chain managers for optimizing global supply processes with annual savings of 10%. Our SaaS middleware platform creates a digital footprint using innovative technologies such as distributed ledgers, IoT and AI for connecting and automating an end to end supply chains from origin, tracking and tracing, custody and compliance to payments. The platform takes away the hassle of connecting to traditional infrastructure such as ERPs and deploying blockchains ensuring interoperability across all supply chains. Morpheus.Network is a partner of IBM, SAP, Plug and Play, connected to 1600 banks via SWIFT, Ripple, and Stellar, and 100 carriers like DHL.

Click here to read the official press release on Business Wire.

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