Morpheus.Network’s Global Platform is LIVE!

It’s here — the team at Morpheus.Network is proud to present our initial platform launch, named “Morpheus.Network Blue”!

As many of our demonstrations have featured, our core platform allows for automated workflows leveraging document storage, sharing methodologies, geo-location technology, system-based QR code triggers, and more. For improved adoption, the platform also utilizes legacy tracking technologies, while recording Digital Footprints across the supply chain using a distributed ledger.

Executives, management, and decision makers working in global trade are invited to register for Morpheus.Network. Due to high demand, access to the platform will be limited to those working in global trade and prioritized based on requirements. Each account will receive a dedicated customer support representative to help ensure a smooth on-boarding experience.

Request access to Morpheus.Network’s Platform »

Our next platform release will include even more features that customers have been requesting:

  • Module development by Morpheus.Network
  • Module development for third party developers and independent software vendors (ISVs)
  • New core platform feature access

While the development team is hard at work building new features for the next release of the platform, we’re pushing forward with multiple customer pilot projects which will be developed and integrated in parallel.

For teams and organizations interested in optimizing your supply chain, we would love to discuss how our middleware can improve your processes. Morpheus.Network specializes in custom modules, integrations, and API connectivity with legacy systems to leverage the most powerful, emerging technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence, and distributed ledgers.

Morpheus.Network Module Workflow Demos

Completing KYC using Sum & Substance

QR Code Scanner & Email Notification

Sending a Crypto to Crypto Payment

Creating a Workflow with the Distributed Ledger Storage & SMS Modules

QR Code Scanner Trigger Demonstrating an Automated Workflow Setup

Automated Workflow Overseas (Part 1)

Automated Workflow Overseas (Part 2)

SUPPLY CHAIN EXECUTIVES: Register today to secure your front-row seat on global supply chain optimization. Only 10 highly qualified enthusiasts will be accepted into the next stage of the pioneer program.

BUSINESS PARTNERS: Contact us today to verify the benefits of leveraging your contacts and/or seamlessly integrating your value added services for automating global supply chains, with no up-front costs or large investments.