Platform Preview #3: Creating Contracts & IoT Triggers

Morpheus.Network demonstrates IoT potential in the latest platform demonstration

Morpheus.Network is dedicated to improving supply chain efficiency worldwide using automated supply chain contracts. Today, we’re showcasing our Platform demo and how it can be applied to the Internet of Things (IoT). Dan Weinberger, co-founder and CEO, and Roger Crook, Team Lead for Global Logistics and ex-CEO of DHL, walk the community through a demonstration of smart contracts using a temperature sensor.

Creating New Contracts

Morpheus.Network’s Contract Hub allows you to create new contracts, including payments, triggers, agreements, and more. It’s also a central location for managing new and existing contracts. The platform offers easy-to-use samples and templates in order to speed up the contract creation process, along with various contract modules for added efficiency using task automation.

IoT Triggers

Morpheus.Network contracts are compatible with a wide range of triggers, including QR Codes. In this video, Dan demonstrates using a temperature sensor, one of many potential trigger applications including geo location and humidity. These are automatically recorded on the blockchain, making it easier than ever to view a product’s movements through the supply chain.

Contract Details

The platform makes it easy to view details regarding each of your contracts. Both completed and active contracts are visible on the dashboard. Additional information can be found at or within Morpheus.Network.

Morpheus.Network is building a unique platform with the potential to significantly alter supply chain protocols in a variety of industries. Automatic smart contracts with IoT triggers are just one of many potential utilizations of the technology, which is currently being tested in several real-world applications.

The team at Morpheus.Network will continue to bring you the latest development updates and we’re excited to share more in our next demo video!

Morpheus.Network in Action

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