Presentation: CEO Dan Weinberger at the Blockchain Formation Dîner in Montreal

After a monumental platform launch, we’re excited to have our co-founder and CEO Dan Weinberger speak at the Blockchain Formation Dîner in Montreal, QC, Canada. He is looking forward to presenting and meeting many of the thought leaders that operate within the logistics industry.

Hosted by Jon Trask of Blockchain Guru, the “lunch and learn” will allow opportunities for business leaders, IT leaders and logistics executives to learn more about digital transformation through training about blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT). Discover key issues and solutions that can be solved with emerging technology such as blockchain, IoT, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Starting at noon EDT, the event will kick-off with a welcome from Trask, followed by training, lunch, and networking opportunity. Dan will be presenting on “Emerging Technologies Fitting Altogether in Global Trade”. His presentation will cover a variety of innovative supply chain solutions and use cases including international payments, IoT integration, artificial intelligence, distributed ledgers, and automation.

For more details and to register for free at the Blockchain Formation Dîner, click here.

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