Presentation: CEO Dan Weinberger at the Logistic Summit in Mexico City

We are proud to announce that Dan Weinberger, our co-founder and CEO, will be speaking at the upcoming Logistic Summit today in Mexico City. He looks forward to presenting and learning from other thought leaders throughout a variety of industries related to logistics.

Dan will be presenting on “Emerging Technologies — Fitting Together in Global Trade”. His presentation will cover a variety of innovative supply chain solutions including international payments, IoT integration, artificial intelligence, distributed ledgers, and automation.

The Logistic Summit is the primary supply chain exhibition in Mexico and Central America. It covers more than 21,000 square meters of exhibition space, and over 16,000 decision-makers will be in attendance from March 13–14.

Cutting-edge, forward-thinking companies from a wide cross-section of industries will be represented at the conference, including DHL, Volvo, Ryder, and more.

After presenting with co-founder Noam Eppel a few weeks ago in Toronto, Dan intends to bring his vast experience in supply chain and technology down south. He continues his path in sharing his knowledge in emerging technologies, and its impact in trade worldwide.

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