Supply Chain Roundup with Dan Weinberger: Ex-DHL CEO Roger Crook

Nikhil Sethi
Apr 30 · 4 min read

Morpheus Network founder Dan Weinberger and his good friend Roger Crook, former CEO of DHL Global and current Morpheus.Network advisor, took some time to discuss the complexity in the modern supply chain and how Morpheus.Network brings order to the chaos.

Roger explained that today’s supply chains are extremely intricate — there are a lot of bottlenecks, particularly in ports, due to the many players involved and the lack of conformity in their datasets.

  • Ocean carriers
  • Freight forwarders
  • Customs brokers
  • Customs officers
  • Port officers
  • Tug operators
  • Border compliance and regulations

There are many complexities and challenges involved with moving containers through a port. Everything has to be captured in data, either electronically or on paper, and shared efficiently. Advanced technologies like Blockchain and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) are critical to streamline and automate the physical shipments of goods and to overcome the existing pain-points that slow down the supply chain, such as email and the scanner. Bringing data from many sources into one uniform location and format is needed to coordinate the symphony of different stakeholders involved, including:

  • Finance
  • Compliance
  • Documentation
  • Moving of physical assets
  • The logistical companies involved

When black swan events occur, like a giant cargo ship stuck sideways in the Suez Canal or a global pandemic, the supply chain can quickly break down to where no one knows what to do or where to source their parts. This last year has shown that the world’s supply chains are not resilient, leaving the door open to future crises that could be avoided. Now, we are building proactive solutions which provide companies the protections they need for when things do not go as planned, such as automated insurance claims.

In port systems, it is all about the data. Our middleware is perfectly equipped to bring all the various data points of a port system together into the same platform where we weave all the segregated processes into a single immutable digital footprint on the blockchain. It’s similar to what we are doing with SENASA (the government of Argentina) for their chemical certificates. We provide the coordination of all those different companies, including the flow of chemicals, the certificates themselves and where the chemicals are being distributed. The blockchain notarization ensures the data is original, untampered with and time-stamped accordingly.

We are very proud that we were recently announced the winner of the Gulftainer Future of Ports competition in the Blockchain category! We firmly believe that this will lead to mutual growth for both companies, and we are excited to begin working with an established industry leader such as Gulftainer.

We sincerely thank Roger for his time and for offering his insight to Dan and the community. We look forward to seeing him next time!

Gulftainer is the world’s largest privately owned independent port operator currently handling an annual throughput of 6.5 million TEUs. They aim to expand their global portfolio in the next 10 years to triple business volume worldwide to more than 10,000 vessel calls and triple container handling to 18 million TEUs.

Established in 1976, Gulftainer is a port management and 3PL logistics company based in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and for more than 40 years it has been delivering a world-class performance to its customers. Its global footprint spans the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas, including operations in the UAE, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and the USA.

At Morpheus.Network we are hyper-focused on helping companies eliminate supply chain inefficiencies and optimizing and automating supply chain processes. To learn more please visit or contact us today to verify the benefits of leveraging our platform.

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