Tech Deployment: CJI Piping And Fabrication Uses Morpheus.Network Solution To Ease Compliance Documentation

Nikhil Sethi
Apr 26 · 5 min read

Morpheus.Network is making several tech deployments to showcase the platform’s flexibility and practicality. Good customer relations and transparent company policies have helped us comprehend our customers’ needs and expectations and accordingly plan and reveal the remarkable capabilities they can leverage through our platform. With a wide networking approach across global-scale logistics enterprises, our objective is to deliver targeted and tailor-made solutions to our customers’ supply chain requirements.

About the Organization

CJI was founded on the principle that they could provide like-minded companies with the ability to produce a better construction project. They have vast experience in construction, plumbing, mechanical field supervision, coordination, detailing, quality control, lump-sum bids, competitive sealed bids, and design-build projects. CJI performs all of this work with their in-house team at the San Antonio, Texas office.

CJI specializes in custom piping fabrications and installations. They fabricate any material available, including Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Chrome Moly, Aluminum, Inconel, Copper, Poly, Instrument Tubing, and PVC. CJI also provides Mechanical Install Services such as Chiller Change-Outs, Cooling Tower Replacement, Boiler Replacement, Skid Piping Install, Buried Services Piping Install (chilled water, heating water, steam, condensate, gas, oil), Field Detailing for Lay-Out, and Hot Tapping Services.

Evaluation of the Setbacks / Issues

As a result of regular business quality check-ups, the management at CJI was quick to identify performance gaps that were impacting their execution and bottom line. To realize future growth and remove barriers, they required major changes in their daily operations documentation process.

This step was required since the conventional system did not meet the impending challenges of the modern disruptive business environment. CJI decided to streamline the documentation of their supply chain processes. This way, business operations will be more effective, and the improvements will prepare them to create a modern and future-proof digital working environment.

Solution Implemented and the Outcome

We worked closely with the CJI team to understand the issues and devise a feasible supply chain solution. We implemented the Morpheus.Network document storage elements to CJI logistics process, which proved to be successful in restoring and enhancing the documentation system functionality. While we monitored greater compliance and increased document sharing speed, our sophisticated QR code geo-tracking system supported increased item and shipment transparency.

Management’s Appraisal

“Morpheus.Network has proved to be a valuable addition to our supply chain management process. Automating documentation has allowed us to save more time and money and reduce document errors to a great degree. The ability to protect sensitive data is my favourite part of this alliance; it allows us to securely share the necessary documents and data, while we simply receive deliveries and run our business.” — Jeremy Hobson, Operations Manager.

It was an excellent opportunity for the entire team at Morpheus.Network to be of service to a real, esteemed customer such as CJI. You may follow us on our official Medium page for all future updates and reveals.

At Morpheus.Network we are hyper-focused on helping companies eliminate supply chain inefficiencies and optimizing and automating supply chain processes. To learn more please visit or contact us today to verify the benefits of leveraging our platform.

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