How to Swap your SWH for SWHT tokens if you are not seeing them in Morpheus v0.0.582

Morpheus v0.0.582 is now available and includes the new Switcheo NEP5 Token SWHT. For those of you who hold the old SWH tokens, you will need to manually swap your SWH tokens for the new SWHT tokens.

You can read more about the upgrade from SWH to SWHT in a post from Jack Yeu at Switcheo:

If you have downloaded Morpheus v0.0.582 you can do the following steps to swap your SWT tokens for freshly minted SWHT tokens.

  1. Login to Morpheus
  2. Click on “dApp Browser” from the side menu
  3. Click “Switcheo Token Swap” which will open your web browser on the Switcheo.Exchange web page to perform the token swap
  4. Login to Switcheo (Remember you can export your Morpheus encrypted key as from settings and then import it into Switcheo and login with your password.)
  5. Enter the amount of tokens you would like to swap or click the “SEND MAX” button
  7. Go back to Morpheus and wait for your SWHT tokens to be displayed in your wallet.
Switcheo.Network Token sawp page. Always make sure you are on https://Switcheo.Exchange/tokenswap and see the SSL padlock icon.

Alternatively, you can use Morpheus v0.0.581 to send your SWH tokens to Switcheo’s public address and you will get the new SWHT tokens delivered.