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The Morphoses soft skills diagram

Let us give you a private tour across all four “continents” we aspire to help kids navigate, explore and conquer!

The Morphoses soft skills diagram includes 40(+1) soft skills that young learners enhance via our platform. It is understood that not all skills can be developed at all ages, — after all, the notorious stages of Cognitive Development are here to prove it! For example, it would be quite impossible for 6-year-olds to understand and evolve the soft skill of ethical analysis, as their cognitive skills cannot yet conceive such concepts.

The framework we suggest, as well as the approach we follow, is far from random. On the contrary; after thoroughly researching the latest available data on soft skills training and children’s education, we concluded that the most effective approach regarding soft skills consists of the following combination: me+awareness, me+action, others+awareness, others+action.

Let’s elaborate on that, shall we?

Me + awareness

Let’s say this is the in- my- shoes continent. Here, we can find all the soft skills related to the person having awareness of themselves, their experiences, thoughts, and feelings. For example, curiosity is a soft skill that, when in use, leads a person to feel, notice, and question (me), while being aware of the process and elements included(awareness).

Soft skills included (12): self-awareness, motivation, self-efficacy, critical thinking, self-confidence, creative thinking, responsibility, curiosity, positive attitude, inquisitive thinking, life-long learning, organizational skills.

Me + action

Shall we name this one in-my-walking-shoes? Here is the land of all soft skills related to the person taking action. For example, time management can be successfully enhanced if the person (me) decides to organize their hours in a day (action).

Soft skills included (9): self-management, time management, risk-taking, decision making, resilience, problem-solving, media & information literacy, flexibility, initiative.

Others + awareness

Let’s meet others! This “continent” is all about the way we perceive others and relate to them. It’s the taking-others-into-consideration land! It’s the perfect place to meet all the soft skills related to social circumstances and people being aware of them. For example, cultural awareness is a soft skill that involves two or more people (others) being aware of the implications cultural differences may present them with (awareness).

Soft skills included (10): relationship management, active listening, emotional intelligence, empathy, social awareness, pressure management, cultural awareness, ethical analysis, inclusive thinking, writing to make a point.

Others + action

Last, but not at all least- welcome to the (inter)acting- with-others continent! Here, we can find all the soft skills related to social experiences that have an active outcome. For example, conflict management is a soft skill that requires two or more people (others), actively (action) resolving a problem.

Soft skills included (10): teamwork, support, etiquette/netiquette, professionalism, wording ideas, communication, influencing, leadership, conflict management, argumentation.

Of course, since soft skills are present in almost any (intro- or extro-) kind of action, reaction or interaction that us, human beings, make, it would be naive to claim that this kind of diagrammatic mapping is definite- or of absolute accuracy. It’s just our way to navigate in the wonderful world of human skills- a journey we truly hope to share with you. Come along!



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