Industrial designer Jo Barnard on founding a design agency for startups

Morrama founder Jo Barnard working at the team’s office in Shoreditch.

“Working from the co-working space at company builder ustwo Adventure, Jo Barnard is the founder and director of design agency Morrama. During her degree studies in Product Design at Brunel University, Jo set her sights on founding a studio of her own, and after a short stint freelancing in London, a supportive friend helped set up her company in 2015. The product design agency is specifically dedicated to working with startups and aims to be the best in the business, launching products ranging from straight razors to digital prayer beads, baby homeware and sleep masks. In this interview, Jo shares stories of the successes she’s achieved and the core lessons she continues to learn from: “You either have to be better or cheaper than your competitors, and you can only make it so far by being cheaper.”

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